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Monday, June 16, 2008


Yesterday was Father's Day, and because I'm a winner I'm posting about it today. I'm also a winner in the fact that I have a huge pile of laundry about as high as my waist waiting to be folded. But I'm gonna blog instead. Because of the whole winner thing. awesome Grandpa had a barbecue at his house with his kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids. And because I'm still a winner, I did not remember my camera to take pictures. But the event was fun, and even better was the fact that there were a lot of cool dads there: my grandpa, my dad, cousin Shane, Uncle Kurt, Ben, and Pete.

Grandpa, you rule, end of story. You are an amazing man. You've overcome many personal obstacles to become active in the LDS church again. I'm so glad to have known you, and MAN I wish I could have inherited your tanning abilities. You continue to amaze me as you remain physically active in spite of surgeries and other ailments.

Dad, you also rule. I wrote about you in this post, but just want to tell you I love you and am so glad that you are my dad.

My cousin Shane just became a dad again about 7 weeks ago. It was so sweet to see him with his new little girl. He's the perfect dad for girls-he let us dress him up with makeup and tiaras at Thanksgiving dinners at my Grandparents' house growing up.

Uncle Kurt has patience galore, and with his little family of ALL BOYS he's definitely an example to me when I have days like the one I had the other day. His boys are such sweethearts and are so good to play with my little boys at gatherings.

Ben is always willing to pitch in with his little family. He was all about helping at my nephew Dylan's birthday party. He was my first in-law.

And my sweet Pete. Even though it was Father's Day, he totally still got the kids ready for church (I guess he wanted to be on time, because if it was left to me to do, we'd show up oh-so-late). He takes my hormones (which have gone into overdrive lately) in stride, and doesn't laugh at me (to my face, which I totally appreciate) when I'm freaking out over a poopy diaper or something. Last night at 2 a.m. when I was ready to murder Ivy he got up with her and got her to calm down and go to sleep. Then he came back to bed and hugged me until I calmed down as well. This is the guy that gets up at 5:30 a.m. every day for work. Pete, I'm glad you're mine!

I'm just glad to have such incredible men in my life. Thanks a bazillion for just being who you are!


Karlenn said...

I love the stuff about you being a winner. :) That actually made me chuckle out loud! Very cute post. I am the biggest winner of a wife. I didn't get Ben a present or even a card, and I think I even forgot to wish him a Happy Father's Day. How cool that Pete got up with Ivy. Ben would NOT have done that! I'll post pics from yesterday's picnic soon, and you can steal them and put them on your bloggy-pooh. I haven't blogged in forever. Because of the whole winner thing. :)

Amy said...

Let me clarify- Jeff usually loads the dishwasher after dinner while I am still trying to get the girls to finish eating. Sometimes dinner takes an hour. Hand dishes are another story entirely. But I very much appreciate it. Jeff says he'll give B a call. Maybe it will help.

chelzers said...

so funny. i'm a winner right there with ya. your post made me both laugh out loud and cry. i hope ivy starts sleeping through the night soon. {hugs}