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Monday, April 21, 2008

The Symphony

My cute grandpa took my sister and me to the symphony on Friday. It was so fun! My grandpa has been hard of hearing as long as I've known him. But he got some new hearing aids recently, and so now he can actually hear music again! He's taken advantage of programs here and in St. George in the winters.
I love music, but it's been so long since I've been to a program like this. I love watching the conductor; I've always thought that would be fun job. My grandpa kind of conducted along with his hands. And my sister dozed off for a minute-it was so beautiful and soothing! And hey, she's pregnant-you sit down for a second to relax and you're OUT!
I loved watching the feature pianist. We were sitting on the side so we could see her hands. I used to be pretty good at playing the piano, but I've lost a lot of technique. It was fun to see someone that's really good again.
When we left to go home, we got in the car, and Grandpa had accidentally left his lights on, so the battery died! Luckily my awesome Uncle Kurt was able to come jump us in no time. Thanks, Grandpa, for a fabulous night out!

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Karlenn said...

Yesss... now I can download and print the picture. :) My dream job - to play the cello. It's just so exotic to me. I don't know why. Ben just told me that he played that stand-up bass thing in orchestra in junior high. Who knew? Not me!