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Thursday, May 1, 2008


Sometimes my life seems to be like the movie "Groundhog Day", where Bill Murray lives the same day over and over, but with little variations every time. For instance, my little pregnancy countdown thingy on my blog by Isn't it supposed to move down? Although today I had the epiphany that I think it's moving UP, counting weeks finished instead of days left. But still, I kept looking at it, thinking, "MOVE, you silly thing! I want this pregnancy to be progressing one way or the other!" Okay, I'd prefer it progressing just one way, but you get the idea. Stuck.

Or cleaning my house for example. I'm continually looking at things and I'm like, "I JUST cleaned that, didn't I?" Last night I had the boys clean up their toys downstairs, and this morning at about 9:30 ALL of the toys were ALL over the floor. What's up with that?!?!? So instead of organization and cleanliness, I have chaos and messes. Always. Stuck again!

And my doctor totally hasn't helped the "stuck" feeling. Last week at my appointment I got checked for any progress. And he said, "Yeah, there's nothing. Looks like your due date will be right on." Huh? Come on! How about throwing a poor girl a bone? Like, "Well, nothing yet, but you never know, eh?" Although, I don't know which is worse: Comment A, as mentioned above, where you leave the office depressed, or Comment B: "We'll see you next week, if not before then in the hospital!", and then you leave all hopeful and come back the next week depressed. Maybe tomorrow he'll have better news for me. Like, "Well, you've done your misery time. How about we induce you right this second?" I know, I know-in my dreams!

To top it off, Mother Nature seems to be stuck as well. Just when I notice my cute little tulips getting ready to bloom, BAM!-we get snow. None of this get warmer, hopeful, springtime crap in Idaho, oh no! We need MORE winter, because this last one wasn't long enough! But, for all that, my kids decided they wanted to play "Snowball Fight" outside today. Eh, my freshly mopped floors weren't going to last much past lunch anyway, why not? They had a blast!

So, we can cross "stuck inside" off the stuck list! Thanks, boys, for showing me that we're still moving forward, even when it doesn't feel like it!


Zoe said...

I'm glad you found my blog! I'm just new to this so it's nice to see everyone elses blog. I added you to our list too! How are you feeling anyway, not too long now!

Arin said...

I'm glad someone enjoyed the snow. My kids got up and said, "AW Snow AGAIN!?!"

Kristine said...

Boo Hoo :( I'm sending you some virtual hugs mama! (((((HUG))))) You must be so exhausted!

Ralphie said...

House work is just one vicious cycle isn't it?
Where's my maid when I need her.
Sittin right down here in front of the computer, that's where I am.

Karlenn said...

Dylan just asked me why a big picture of him isn't on your blog. Typical. And yes, I feel stuck, too. Stuck in barfing land. I just barfed again. It's a good thing I only had juice for breakfast. :(