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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Do as I'm Doing

Just me and my cuddle bug. No, I'm not embarrassed; I got super sunburned on Saturday. You'd think after 28 years of fair skin that I'd actually remember sunscreen every time I go outside, but I still forget. DOH!

What I should be doing:
Cleaning…pretty much anything in my house. It’s filthy!
Writing thank-you notes to the amazing people that have been so kind to me lately.
Hanging blinds and putting smoke alarms back together
Running errands-tons of places to go
Setting up my nursery
What I wish I were doing:Getting another massage.
Giving birth to my baby girl. I’ve had enough pain and discomfort!
Sleeping! I’m definitely not getting enough right now!
Eating something chocolate and drinking Coke!
What I’m actually doing:Trying to breathe. I have some kind of sinus thing going on, and the sinus stuff I took totally isn’t helping.
Blogging (that’s obvious!)
Sitting, because walking is super painful for me right now. My baby is resting on a ligament or tendon or something, so my right leg is killing me. Even lying down can be painful.
So, what are you doing (besides reading the best blog in the universe) , should be doing (don't worry, this blog is SO worth every second you spend on it!) , or wish you were doing (reading my blog...wishes really do come true!) ???


Karlenn said...

I'm glad to see that you and Troy have made up! :) Dude, I think you called me last night, but I didn't want to answer, because I was watching Medium. I'm a loser. I'm going to call you in a minute. What I am doing - blogging and being lazy. What I should be doing - cleaning my disgusting house. Watering my front garden. Doing my hair and makeup. What I wish I was doing - sleeping, still! Dylan allowed me to sleep in until 9:30 or so today, and I could have slept on and on and on. I, too, wish I was getting a massage. I asked for that for my Mother's Day present.

April said...

Doing: ignoring my chillins
Should be: Li probably needs a bum change and I should be starting to get dinner ready.
Wish I was: Sleeping!!!!

lexykay said...

i SHOULD be studying
i WANT to be outside in cedar city where it is a beautiful 80 degrees
but i'm ACTUALLY reading your blog and updating my own.
blogorama, it's a fatty. read my blog

chelzers said...

Doing: Feeding a baby and checking blogs and email.
Should Be: Getting my other two awake children out of their cribs and feeding/changing them, cleaning my filthy house, exercising, this list could go on and on and on...........
Want to Be: Shopping, Massage is always good, Eating something really good like ice cream--the full fat kind :)

Amy said...

I am checking email and blogging. But I should be giving Erin some one on one attention. I wish I could be napping like Katelyn and my sister Heather and her baby. Or maybe taking a walk down to the ocean. Hey- I might never make it back to WA again!

Arin said...

doing: sitting at the computer amidst a sea of scrapbooking, wishing my kids would magically put themselves in bed.

should be doing: putting my kids in bed

wish I was doing: sleeping, having a nice long bath in a super huge tub that I wish I had, and the list goes on but would take forever to type and you would get bored reading it I am sure