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Friday, May 2, 2008

For Sale!

Who wants to buy a husband and three kids?


Karlenn said...

Ha-ha-ha! I guess maybe I should call you today, and you can vent to me!

Arin said...

That is so funny! I was wondering if anyone would like an extra 4 and 2 year old myself this morning.

April said...

Oh man! I SO know how that goes... yesterday I could have definately put the kids up for adoption. Seriously. Ugh

Ralphie said...

Sorry. Already got enough "GRRR" in my life.
But I always decide to keep them.
Tax benefits, ya know.

Pete said...

Can I be a free agent? I mean come on do I have to get bundled with the kids???? :P. I guess we could trade straight across, the kids for some of my crappy co-workers.

isaacsmith77 said...

LOL! I am wondering when my wife will post a blog like yours! I could also say that you should have had girls instead of boys. From my understanding the man is to blame for the sex outcome of the child. Pete, perhaps she is lumping you in this mess because of that fact! Good luck to all involved in the trade.

Nat said...

I guess I should have put a disclaimer on this post, saying I am in so much pain and so fed up with being pregnant, and the hormones are a-raging.

My husband and my kids haven't done anything to make me want to sell them. Well, that morning Troy had gotten into the flour and spread it ALL over the kitchen floor, and since I can barely walk it sucked to sweep it all up. But really they've been pretty good, and Pete helped me out a ton this weekend by running errands and carrying things for me. And he gave me a blessing, so even though I still am in a ton of pain, my outlook is slightly better. Though nothing beats getting a kid out of you when she's done baking.

April said...

So basically you are done feeling like your body has been taken over by some aline being? :D

Some days are just bad, thank goodness others make up for it!!