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Monday, May 5, 2008

To Catch a Thief and Other Walmart Woes

Before I start, I just want to say "To Catch a Thief" is a good movie. Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, and directed by Alfred Hitchcock? Wonderfully classic.

So. On Saturday we went to Walmart. Some people hate it, some people love it. I'm indifferent, though their diaper and formula prices are lower than at Winco, and since I'm a one-stop shopper kind of person, that's where I head. I also don't like going to Winco by myself because they don't bag your groceries; so I just get done loading them up when the cashier finishes at the same time, and then I feel like I'm holding up the entire line while I attempt to bag my groceries myself, and then I just feel stupid. I like to feel smart while I shop, like, "Ha! The cashier put my bananas in the same bag as my frozen juice! I could totally bag better than that!" Catch 22, really.

While I was loading groceries on the belt and Pete was off finding a clothes hamper for the boys' new room downstairs, Jakob decided he wanted a Snickers bar. So he puts it in his pants. No, not in his pants pocket, in his pants, sandwiched between undies and jeans. Gross, I know. The lady in line behind me saw and informed me, thank goodness. So I bought it because putting it back would just be sick and wrong. We attempted to talk to Jakob about stealing, and what that means. And he replied, "But I just wanted some chocolate." Yep, totally my son, a chocoholic. I think he gets it now, that we have to buy stuff at the store when we want it; we don't just take it. At least we caught it before we left the store.

Second Woe: When I went to Walmart last Monday (sometimes I feel like I live there!), I was in a super rush, buying groceries while Jakob was at preschool. And since I can barely walk, rushing doesn't really happen; I go at a shuffle. So I'm attempting to load my groceries on to the belt as fast as my fat belly will let me bend, and Mandy comes into the line right behind me. I haven't seen this cute girl since high school! I felt really bad, because I wanted to talk to her, but I was trying to get everything done and not get to Jakob's class late. So I kind of feel like I blew her off, not really talking all that much. Mandy, I hope you read my blog, and I apologize for not chatting. We'll have to meet up sometime, just not at Walmart. Or Winco. Maybe we can share a Snickers bar.

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Arin said...

Luckily we haven't had any problems with kids sticking stuff in their pockets, or pants. Ila is always so good about reminding me to pay for stuff. I have this really bad habit of forgetting snacks to keep the kids happy and I almost always have to get something to keep them quiet while I finish my shopping. That is why I have become good friends with Target, popcorn and an Icee for $1.25.