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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Trim, Trim, Trimmy-Trim, Trim

I've mentioned in a previous post that we're working on finishing the two bedrooms in our basement. This weekend my awesome brother-in-law Mark came and did the trim in both rooms; my father-in-law came and helped him. Mark is a construction worker by profession, so he of course did an amazing job. And we're that much closer to having those rooms complete. Thanks, Mark! This isn't an actual picture of the trim he did (this is elsewhere in our basement)-I'm being lazy and didn't feel like taking a picture, uploading it to the computer, etc. But it looks just as good, if not better.

And because I'm super cool and clever, the reason I titled this post "Trim, Trim, Trimmy-Trim, Trim" is because I was thinking of the movie "The Muppets Treasure Island". There's a part near the beginning where a guy is about to die and wants to talk to Jim, the boy on the show. He goes, "Jim, Jim, Jimmy-Jim, Jim", but to the wrong character, who then says, "I'M not Jim, Jim, Jimmy-Jim, Jim. HE'S Jim, Jim, Jimmy-Jim, Jim." It's funny. I tried to find a clip, but it wasn't happening. But I did find other funny clips from that movie. Check it out!

I love the Muppets!


Karlenn said...

I totally knew what movie you were quoting! You are so clever!! :) I can't wait to come see the trim, trim, trimmy-trim trim.

Beej said...

Yay! for you getting your basement done and having more room. I am excited for you. I am a little jealous that you have a realy house. I can't wait for someday when we can get a realy house. But it's gonna be a while. I've also kind of gotten scared out of ever doing that after the whole condo thing. I was a stupid kid.

I totally love Muppet Treasure Island!! And I love that you used that reference. I totally got it. Such a great movie. I don't like all of their movies, but I love that one and Muppet Christmas Carol. They are the best!