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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Gorgeous Shelf

We've been in the process of finishing our basement (hence the queen bed in our family room I mentioned in an earlier post). We had our two bedrooms and storage room sheetrocked, etc., and that's about as far as we've gotten. But on Saturday we bought this fabulous shelf, and I put it together with all of my handy-lady skills. Okay, it didn't even need screws, it just kind of slots together, but I can still be amazing, right? It looks sparse right now, but what you can't see are the piles and piles of things that have yet to be organized before placement on the shelf. Don't worry-my minimalist ways and organizing expertise will not allow the piles to survive much longer.


Karlenn said...

The shelf looks gorgeous. You should be a professional organizer, like on that TLC show, Clean Sweep. Ah. The minimalist in me adores that show. Bravo, from one minimalist to another!

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