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Monday, April 21, 2008

Showered in Pink!

Saturday my mom and sister threw a baby shower for me. YAHOO! As I've only had boys thus far, getting girl stuff was SO needed! I hope we actually have a girl, now that I'm all set up! If the ultrasound lady messed up and she comes out and ends up being a boy instead, he'll end up wearing girl stuff anyway!
I'm normally anti-games at baby and bridal showers, but we played some fun games that Kar came up with. One was name the baby name for animals (quick: what's the name for a baby bee?), one was finish the nursery rhymes, and one was guess what food is in the baby jar. (All meats mushed look the same!)
Then I opened a bucket-load of presents, thanks to the generosity of the fabulous ladies that attended. After that we ate a really yummy chicken-y salad with lots of goop (I LOVE "goopy" salads!), rolls, yummy cupcakes, and chocolate-dipped strawberries. My mom is a fabulous party planner! She should do it as a real job-planning receptions, and open houses, and showers...she would rake it in!
Here are the guests:

Vicki and Debbie

Kar and Arin

Me and April

Joan, Ann, and Aunt Terri

Mom and Marilyn

Maggi and Vicki

Arin and April were the official camera handlers. And man, do I make REALLY weird faces! Here are a few of my favorites:

I got to take home some of the cupcakes. Here's a "before" shot, of how cute they were, and an "after" shot, when my boys discovered them:

Thanks, Mom and Kar, for throwing this shower for me! It was tons of fun! I really appreciate it!


Amy said...

Hey Nat! It looks like it was tons of fun. I wish that I could have been there! Was that at your mom's house? Beautiful! It looks like you got lots of stuff. Let me know if you still need anything. I love to go girl shopping- and Erin does too.

Arin said...

Your shower was lots of fun and the food super yummy! Thanks for inviting me. I need the recipe for the drink that your mom made, and the cupcakes were the best.

Karlenn said...

I love the "after" shot of the cupcakes! My nose gets so swollen when I'm pregnant. And red. It's crazy-looking!!

Karlenn said...

Oh, in answer to your question, yeah, that's the same Whitney that I'm linked to on my blog.

breymom said...

Hi, it's AuBrey (Everett) Erickson. I found your blog off of April's, don't know if you remember me but, we are due a month apart and I had three boys and a girl so, I thought that was fun! I loved my first girl baby shower it looks like your was a lot of fun.

Beej said...

I really, really wish that I could have been there. I feel like such a bad sister. It looks like it was a lot of fun. Mom and Kar did a really good job. I'm so glad that mom's friends have stayed such good friends and still participate in all of our growing up parties and things. We had such a good ward growing up.