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Saturday, April 26, 2008


As is tradition on our street, this last Wednesday cute cute Arin threw a baby shower for me-a frozen meal shower! It is THE BEST idea in the universe! I don't know who started it, but when we all moved in about three years ago (our neighborhood is fairly new) this custom also started. Everyone on the street-or whoever can make it, I guess-comes to one girl's house, brings a frozen meal for the girl expecting, and we sit and gab and fringe a fleece baby blanket. Arin made a wonderful dessert, too. Then you can use the frozen meals after the baby is born, or when you want to, I guess. I think last time I used most of my frozen meals before Troy was born because I just didn't feel like cooking. Thanks, Arin-you're the best!

Krista and Rachel

Arin and her cute baby Stacy



April said...

What a FREAT idea!!!!

April said...

lol GREAT! sorry typing one handed. :)

Karlenn said...

That's funny, April! I thought for a minute "freat" was like "freaking great," just like "fugly" is "freaking ugly." :)

Nat said...

HAHA!! We should start calling things "freat" (pronounce it freight), and maybe it will catch on!

Beej said...

Sounds like a great idea! I think that is really nice and supportive.