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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Heaven on Earth

Yesterday was kind of a “me” day. I don’t get those very often; the longest I’ve been away from my kids is when I’m in the hospital having another kid. For our anniversary last year, Pete and I went to a day spa called The Essence of You, where we each got a 50 minute facial and 50 minute full-body massage. It totally rocked. If you’ve never gotten a massage or facial, DO IT-you will not regret a single minute!

Anyway, for Christmas Pete and I make lists for each other, and my list is always boring and practical, like “socks” or “jeans”. This last Christmas I put “spa day”, and Pete got me a Mother-To-Be massage. I decided to save it until I knew I’d be good and miserable in my pregnancy, meaning sometime in the last trimester.

So yesterday was the day. WOO-HOO! It was incredible, to say the least. The poor girl massaging me is due about two weeks after me, though-I felt bad for her. She worked a ton of knots out of my back. I slept so great last night! When I finally get that million dollars, I’ll get a massage every week! Until then, maybe I’ll ask for another massage present for my birthday.


Kristine said...

Natalie I totally hear you! Facial and massage are worth every penny! I got a facial and mother to be massage a few weeks before Ian was due and I LOVED it! Every expecting mom needs to pamper herself! Good for you! I hope the enjoyment lasts!

April said...

one word. Jealous!!!

Karlenn said...

I'm sooo jealous. I need one of those right now, really badly.