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Monday, March 17, 2008

You See, I See (Or, Pregnancy ROCKS!)

You see: a turtle on its back
I see: me trying to get out of bed, off the floor, etc.

You see: stairs
I see: Mt. Everest

You see: socks and shoes
I see: a 10-minute workout

You see: a comfy bed
I see: a night of restless legs, bathroom trips, and tossing and turning

You see: a fridge full of endless possibilities
I see: several things that make me gag

You see: chocolate
I see: comfort

You see: my feet
I don’t.


Beej said...

Sorry your prego and it's not fun. But it will totally be worth it. I used to think that I never wanted to have a girl, but now I think that it would be fun. I think that it will add a new demension to your family. Plus you can do cute stuff with girls. I am excited for all of my neices to get old enough to ride horses. I'm gonna make them dress up and show. It'll be fun!

Ralphie said...

Love this post Nat. So fun and so true.

Karlenn said...

That is soooo funny. You clever girl. And Beads, YOU can pay for Ivy and Sadie to show horses!! :)

Amy said...

Thanks for the smile Nat, and one more reminder why I am totally done! But the girl will be worth it, emotional and draining- but fun and worth it.

Arin said...

You make me luagh! I really don't miss those days.