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Monday, March 17, 2008


I think I have a never ending "to do" list. My sister and I were talking about how we have the top priority things, like feeding and changing the kids, doing laundry, and doing dishes. If we're lucky, we get to the other stuff, like cleaning bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming. But then there's the OTHER stuff for me. Like changing my burnt-out light bulbs outside by my garage. Or adding the latest charms on my charm bracelet. Or replacing the deadbolt on my front door. Cleaning the crayon off my walls. Fixing the dents in the walls that my kids have made. Throwing out useless boxes in my storage room. Converting my senior class VHS tape to a DVD. Checking to see if Jakob is on our dental insurance. Moving the empty shelves in my garage into my basement. And the list goes on and on. You know, the stuff that needs to get done someday, but it...just doesn't. I end up thinking about the items on this list randomly. Like the charms for my bracelet-I think about it when I'm grabbing my watch and wedding ring in a hurry in the morning and I see my bracelet sitting in my jewelry box. Or the crayon on the wall gets noticed when I'm going up or down my stairs and I think "I really need to clean that off", but it never gets done.
So, am I the only person who is like this? Who else has an Undone List, and what's on it?


Beej said...

My "To-do" list never, ever ends either. I work so much that I never have time to do the things on my list. And even when I finally have a day off, I am usually too exhausted or my sleep clock is all out of wack or I am sick and too tired to do anything but rest. Dad made me feel really bad this weekend when he made fun of how messy my computer room is. And I just wanted to tell him how Spencer and I worked our butts off just to get the house clean enough for them to visit. It is really, really hard when you work for 15 days straight and they are all 12 hour shifts and you are flipping from days to nights. It's nearly impossible! It is all I can do to shower and eat and use the bathroom.

Anyways, I sympathize about the to-do list. I never even get to the top of that list.... I'm a bad wife and bad mom to the dogs...

Karlenn said...

My Current Undone List:
1. Do my hair.
2. Do my makeup.
3. Paint my toenails.
4. Vacuum my living room.
5. Dust my living room.
6. Mop my kitchen.
7. Mop my dining room.
8. Dust my bedroom.
9. Vacuum my bedroom.
10. Make Ben clear out all the rusty nails, sheetrock, and boards from the basement.

Amy said...

I think that my "undone" list could go on for days, and I am home every day too! But here is a sampling-- dejunk computer area, dejunk island, dust, put away out of season kids clothes, scrub the baseboards, go carpet shopping, and vacuum behind the couch. Does that make you feel any better?

Arin said...

I am soooo glad I'm not the only one with a never ending list. Unfortunately mine keeps getting longer and longer no matter how hard I try.

chelzers said...

No one will touch this one...
I put up Christmas decorations about 3 days before Christmas and they are STILL UP! It's embarassing to even say it...but there are just so many millions of OTHER more important things to get done like changing diapers and not killing any of my children. You know, just normal, everyday stuff like that...I really want them down tomorrow. We'll see what else pops up. :)