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Monday, February 25, 2008

Because I Have Been Given Much

I've already admitted to being a blogger stalker. And it's pretty fun. But there's one blogger that lately has really gotten me to think. Her website is Musings and Misadventures. This woman is Mrs. Dub, and recently lost a baby girl due to complications with both her and the baby. And then I look at my own day, where Jakob just wants to show me his little game he just made up for the 30th time, and I still look and say, "Wow, Jakob", but there's no enthusiasm in it. Shame on me.

There's a lady in my ward, Sister M. She has two mentally handicapped children. Her son is 10, and she's trying to potty train him. And I complain that I'm going to have to start potty training Brock, my beautiful, fully-functioning son. How dare I?

Another lady I know had two miscarriages between her daughter and her son. My sister had a miscarriage last summer. And another girl in my ward had a miscarriage a few months ago. I've never had to deal with this. When I've gotten pregnant, it's resulted in a beautiful full-term baby every time. And I whine about restless legs and nausea.

So the next time you catch me bellyaching about my crappy day with my kids, do me a favor and remind me how lucky I am to have my little guys-and soon to be girl-in my life. Tell me to suck it up because these beautiful miracles have been given to me. Remind me I have everything to be grateful for and nothing to gripe about, that a messy toy-filled basement shows that I can afford toys for my children to enjoy. That a sticky kitchen floor means my children can feed themselves regular food and are learning coordination. That my aching tired hormonal body is healthy enough to bring life into this world without complications. And that I'm just so blessed.


April said...

This is SOOO how I feel sometimes.

I think it's true though that only God knows how much we can handle. Some of us can handle HUGE hardships while others it's all they can do to get through diapers and laundry every day. So don't be too hard on yourself about not being more greatful. We are all doing our best. :)

Karlenn said...

I often think about this - who am I to complain, when those around me suffer so greatly? It makes me worried that Heavenly Father will strike me down with some horrible, horrible calamity, as a result of my lack of gratitude. Thanks for reminding me, again, of how wonderful my life is.