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Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Last night we went to the store. And Pete said, "Nat, I mean this in the nicest way possible,'re kind of...lumbering."

I wish he meant: to log and saw trees as prepared for human use.

But it actually was: clumsy, awkward, gawky, graceless, heavy-handed, lubberly, lumpish, ungainly, unhandy, cumbersome, bulky, heavy, massive, clumping, floundering, pounding, scuffing, scuffling, shambling, shuffling, stamping, stomping, stumbling, stumping, tramping, tromping, dragging, flopping, hauling, laboring, plodding, trudging, careening, lurching, staggering, swaying, teetering, tottering, weaving, wobbling, struggling, wallowing, weltering, faltering, reeling, blundering, fumbling, muddling, waddling.

I don't take offense, because I am lumbering. And I will be lumbering for 13 more weeks. But I do still wish it was the piney foresty lumbering. *Sigh*


April said...

Oooooooh but the preggy "waddle" is so cute!!! :)

Arin said...

Lumbering is such a funny word!

Karlenn said...

That's hilarious! My walk is more of a limping, swaying, waddling thing. Already. Being pregnant ROCKS!!!!