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Monday, February 25, 2008

Pizza Planet

On Saturday my Dad, my fam, and my sister's fam went to a pizza place called Leo's. It's very kid-friendly, with tons of arcade games and the like. They have a jungle gym area that my kids are totally afraid of entering, too. After stuffing our faces full of yummy pizza, we played games and rode in the little toys. They loved the car rides:

And an alligator game where you hit the heads to make them retreat:

And some kind of shooting arcade game:

And of course they had Dance Dance Revolution (we were too busy playing to take pictures). Tons of fun! Thanks, Dad, for taking time out of your crazy CPA world to spend time with us and the kiddies! P.S.-Please excuse the lack of quality on the pictures-my boys got hold of my camera and pushed all sorts of buttons, so now it captures movement and light really weird. I've gotta try to readjust it.


April said...

My kids adore Leo's :) Are your boys really afraid of the big toy? That thing has saved my snity more than once!

Karlenn said...

Yeah, the big toy was hard on Sadie, too. It was just too freakin' loud. With all these mean ten-year-olds pushing toddlers down. Grrr. Mmm. That pizza was really, really good. It's making my mouth water!

Beej said...

I'm jealous. I wish that I could have gone. I feel left out. I wish that we lived there so we could play, too.