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Friday, January 25, 2008

A Tribute to my Growing Belly

The other day my dad observed, "If I go through something physically challenging, I don't ever want to do it again. Why in the world do women often have more than one child?" Good question, Dad. I mentioned something about a veil of forgetfulness, but I've been thinking about it since. This pregnancy has been harder than my others, so I decided to look at the silver lining and make a list of things that I like about pregnancy:

1. Feeling the baby move. This is the coolest part of pregnancy. Men are totally missing out!

2. The clothes, especially at Motherhood. They need to start an after-pregnancy line, because their clothes are so dang cute!

3. You gain 30 or so pounds, and people tell you how good you look. When does this ever happen again?

4. It's a good excuse for getting out of exercising, cleaning, lifting things, eating healthily, etc.

5. If you have a craving, it's SOOO nice when you fill it!

6. It's not terminal! You know (about) when it's going to be over, and then you can look forward to sleeping on your stomach again and seeing your ankles.

I couldn't find a good pregnancy shot of myself; pretend the pumpkin is my tummy!


April said...

ROFL! Yes, having a valid excuse is the BOMB! Besides having good reason ask someone to watch the other kids while you get a nap!!

Karlenn said...

Thanks for helping me see the good side of pregnancy - hard to do sometimes!! People keep telling me that "pregnancy looks good on me." I'm like, are you kidding? They're nice to say it.

Beej said...

I can't get enough of little Brock's smiles. He is too cute!! And YAY for becoming a blogger. I am so excited to be able to keep up with you and hear cute stories about your kiddo's.