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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Library

Ah, the smell of musty old books. You gotta love the library. Jakob's preschool class went today, and I accompanied them and took my other two boys. This library is the same one I went to when I was growing up, with the pond and all. His class learned about taking care of books, then we went to the children's section. I was reminded why I don't leave the house often with the three boys by myself: they always want to go in three different directions! I was also reminded of the last time we went to the library-Brock was looking at the fish in the pond and tipped forward and fell COMPLETELY into the pond! Yeah, I totally laughed at his trauma.

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Karlenn said...

I didn't know Brock had fallen into that pond! That is hilarious!! I laugh often at my kids' trauma. Is that so wrong? :)