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Monday, February 4, 2008

I Wish I had some VOOM

Last night we got about six inches of snow. Driving out this morning was fine, but when returning to my driveway I got stuck. Granted, six inches normally wouldn't make a minivan high center, but since both Pete and I have been shoveling slackers, we had about a foot of fresh snow on top of the foot of ice. So I had to shovel all around my minivan. YEE HAW! I tell you what, I'm ready for spring. Or Voom.

Have you ever read "The Cat in the Hat Comes Back"? The Cat had smaller cats in his hat, one of which had a thing called Voom inside his hat. The Voom made the snow sparkly white, and cleared their driveway and sidewalks so the kids didn't have to shovel. I definitely need some Voom. Or stronger arms for my shovel.


Karlenn said...

I love that - I often wish for Voom. I freakin' love that book!

April said...

Oh my goodness... yes Jer and I have been slackers on the clearing the snow bit as well... so this morning I decided to neglect the kidlets for a "sec" and got use the snowblower. It took too much time due to snow being higher than the snowblower!.. Li was TICKED with me when I got back inside.

Beej said...

Yeah... we almost got stuck in your driveway when we went to visit you. Spencer suggested that we park at the church.

Beej said...

You know...I think that I might actually have a voom. Whenever we go out of town (which is almost every weekend)...when we get back, our whole walk is completely shoveled. It's crazy. So I either have a voom or a super nice neighbor. Or maybe a neighbor who just thinks that we are slackers or feels bad for us because we are never home to take care of the house...??