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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Photo a Day: Something you Found

I'm kind of cheating today on my photo a day thingy, because I'm feeling "blech" - achy and tired. I'm REALLY hoping that this doesn't turn into what my husband just got over. *sigh*

Anyway, for "something you found", I'm going with pics of the kids doing the Easter egg hunt that my mom does every year. Which is totally awesome, because she stuffs 'em and hides 'em, and because she does such a great job I don't have to do a hunt of my own.

Jake, the spazzy picture poser, just like his mom

sweet sweet Brock

Troy the excited hunter

Ivy, happy with just a few eggs


Mindy H. said...

It looks like the Easter egg hunt was a big hit! I am loving your pictures of the day... even if I am seriously slacking on commenting upon them.

P.S. I hope you avoided the germ of the week and are feeling a whole lot less "blech" now!

Jennifer said...

Fun pictures! Your kids are getting so big! It is fun to see how they have changed! Hope you get over the "blech's" and feel better soon!

Kar said...

Those are good shots of all of them! All of mine turned out dumb. Because by the time my stupid camera finally focused, the kids were out of the frame. Sigh.