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Monday, April 16, 2012

Photo a Day: Mail

Our mail is usually pretty boring. Ads, more ads, and bills. A couple of weeks ago, however, we got this in the mail. It made my stomach turn.
If you can't see what that says, it's a collection notice.

If you know me at all, you know that I NEVER pay my bills late. EVER. Nor would I ever skip out on paying somebody.

Back in October, we switched internet providers, because our internet was super slow. (Although right now, with our new internet, my computer is still being really slow. Maybe it's my computer. But either way, it's annoying.)

So I paid our last bill to the old company, and sent in our modem. A month later (November), I got an email notice from them saying I owed them for the modem - like I had kept it, so they were charging us for keeping it. So I called, gave them all the information about how I sent it in. Supposedly they took the charge off, and all was well.

I didn't hear another peep from that company. Until a couple of weeks ago.

You know, that's the one thing I don't get. Why didn't the company try to get ahold of me first, instead of just sending stuff to collections and ding my credit? I didn't get any phone calls, or emails, or anything. Awesome.

After getting this notice, I called the company, and got it all straightened out on their end. And then I called the collection company.

I told the guy on the phone that there had been a mistake, and that I didn't actually owe the company that money - they had charged me for something that I didn't owe to them. He was all, "Well, you should pay us anyway, and then I'm sure they can get you a refund." And I replied, "I don't want to wait around and have to hound them for another four months trying to get a refund on something that I don't owe in the first place!" Very frustrating.

Anyway, I called again last week. And the charge was removed from the internet company. I called the collection company, and the charge was cleared with them too.

So yes, it's all taken care of. But I LOVE doing other people's jobs for them.

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Kar said...

Ugh, that made my stomach turn, too. That is soooo obnoxious.