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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Photo a Day: Fruit/Breakfast/Delicious

Here are some pictures of the fruit smoothies that my sister discovered during our health challenge.

This one had pomegranates in it, so it was a little seedy (as in full of seeds, not run-down). But it was still yummy.

I'm going to share the recipe again, just because it might be hard to find in the wall of text that was my report on our health challenge.


3 cups frozen fruit, any kind (we liked strawberry/banana the best, or a mixed berry kind) 
1 cup milk (or water or juice, but we always did milk)
1/2 cup yogurt (we did vanilla)
1/2 cup sugar

I discovered that when I put the fruit in last instead of first, my blender was a lot happier with me.

I'll make this for breakfast all the time now, especially on the weekends when Pete is at home in the mornings. It makes enough for two people to have their fruit servings for the day.


FluffyChicky said...

Seedy smoothie. *snort*

We make smoothies sometimes...we are kind of weird about them though, because for like a week or two, everyone LOVES them and that is all anyone will eat, but then two days later, no one will touch 'em and we go for months without having them.

Anonymous said...

I Really need to try this smoothie!! I'm so lazy in the morning that we usually have sugary cereals. I hope I can change that up soon!:) Thanks for sharing again!!