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Monday, August 1, 2011

Bir-Cay-Ding, Part 1

We just got done with a many-evented extravaganza: my birthday, a mini vacation, and my sister Lexi's wedding. YAY!  It was all so much fun!  And the best way I can think of to tell all about it is...just to start at the beginning.  Or maybe I'll mix it all together, like I did with my title. Eh? Eh???

July 27: my birthday

Last year, I only got one picture of my birthday, which kind of sucked.  So this year I took lots and lots of pictures.

In the morning, I took all my boys to get their hair cut.  The boys were getting fluffy, and Pete had major beast neck. Look at Troy being all super important:
 Then we went shopping a little.  We needed a few things, plus I picked up a new dress (yay!) and the movie "Chicken Run", which I have always loved.  We also went looking for a new fridge, because ours is fritzing out again.  I think it's time to let it go. *sigh*  Here are two of my cuties, though, being all posh while shopping.
 Then I got a pedicure with my mom.  I didn't have my camera with me, so I don't have a picture of that.  But we both got orange toenails for my sister's wedding.  They're so cute!

After that, Pete and I went to the temple and did a session.  I hadn't gone since February, so it was really good to go.  So refreshing!
Then we, my kids, my mom, and my sister and her (then) fiance Chris went out for dinner at Sol Rio.  I LOVE their salsa that they bring out with chips-yummy!  And then we got really yummy food.  I ordered the Burrito Supreme, which I kept telling my kids was as big as my arm.  When they brought it out, I got photographic evidence.  SOOOOO good.
 Here's my mom and Troy.  Troy loves grandmas.
 After dinner, just my little family had dessert.  Instead of cake, I made rice krispie treats.  Which, I really do like cake, but we have two more cakes coming to our house really soon, so I opt for an alternative.
 Then I got to open gifts.  On top of my new dress and movie, my parents had taken me out a few days before and got two other dresses, which were much needed.  My kids all drew pictures of me with a cake. I'm a princess on all their pictures, which is very sweet.  And Pete got me a Slap Chop, which chops up your veggies or whatever else really well and easily. I can't wait to use it!

And here I am with my sweet kids.
My birthday was very nice, and very relaxing.  I am so blessed!

Okay.  Onward.

July 28: campfire night

Pete had been wanting to take the kids out and build a campfire somewhere.  We aren't really the outdoorsy type of people: in fact, we have a total of one sleeping bag.  But I think Pete's inner Boy Scout - or maybe it's his inner pyromaniac - wanted to come out and shine.  So, no sleeping in a tent for us this night, but playing with fire was definitely part of our fun.

We went out to some camp sites just past a ski hill called Kelly Canyon that's not too far from home.

Here's Pete with three future Boy Scouts/pyros:

This was my "cooler" for the night.  Because we did hot dogs and smores, and bought drinks on the way up, I didn't really need anything else.

My cute clan with our drinks:

Ivy and Troy.  Notice Ivy's cheeks-absolutely stuffed with hot dog!

Besides eating and playing with the fire, my kids ran around and whacked down big weeds. And then they threw those in the fire.

We also played Hide and Seek. Mostly I helped the younger two hide while someone did the seeking, though everyone took their turn being the seeker. There were trees and grass and huge rocks to hide behind. It was way fun.

And, of course, there was dirt to play in.  Lots and lots of dirt!

We had a blast, and I'm sure we'll do it again sometime.

Okay, friends, this post is getting long already.  So I'm going to have to make this a two-parter.  So stay tuned for the rest of our birthday/vacation/wedding adventures!


Kelly said...

Looks like you are having a great summer. I am glad your birthday was so great, you deserve it! We have one sleeping bag also, pathetic:)

Jennifer said...

What a fun summer you guys are having. I hear you on the Birthday cake thing! :) Hope your last few weeks of summer go well!

lexykay said...

by the way, sorry for crashing your birthday dinner! it was SOOO good though! and i think you have the camping thing figured out. the fire and food are the best part. what a good idea!!