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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

And "Thank" YOU, Brock (Plus a Recipe, Because I Don't Know the Next Time I'll Have a Second to Make a Separate Post)

As you may already know, Brock loves to draw.  I got each of the kids a notebook some time ago, with the intent of them taking it to church to keep themselves entertained.  None of them usually remember to take it, until last Sunday.  And then Brock and Jakob decided to make paper airplanes, and then proceeded to fly one through the chapel during Sacrament meeting.  Pete and I were none too happy about that.

After punishments were given (and carried out) at home, Brock wanted to draw some more.  (Which I learned my lesson as well: only scriptures will be brought to church from now on.)  But his notebook was all used up.  So I got him a new one.  On the first page, he wrote me the following note and handed it to me:
"Fac yoo to get me a not book so I am hape."

Yeah.  That's what I thought at first glance, too.  And if you don't see it, then you are a really good person with a really clean mind.

The translation: Thank you for getting me a notebook.  It makes me happy.  (Then the picture is of the notebook, pencil stuck in the spiral part, with a smiley face, as in "I am happy".)  Which really is sweet.

Brock's next note shown was written about a week ago.  In the last few weeks, Brock has been waking up just scared out of his wits.  One night it was a scary monster in his closet that had one red eye and pointy teeth.  Poor kid.  Then there was another night.  We went and got him and had him sit with us (me and Pete), and I kept asking him what was wrong.  He wouldn't answer me.  We gave him a couple of snacks and a drink, and then sent him back to bed.  He came back a few minutes later, with the following:
"Mom becuz I wuz krien I wuz hugry ok Brock?"

I think you get the gist, but just in case, the translation: Mom, I was crying because I was hungry.  Is that okay? -Brock

He's just a never-ending pit.  I call him my Hungry Bug all the time.  That kid could eat all day long, I think.

And speaking of food, I found another fantastic crock pot meal!  YUMMO!!!  I hope it's readable-I decided to scan it in.

I had my doubts about this one.  First of all, Pete bought a stir-fry mix from Walmart called Sugar Snap Stir Fry, or something like that.  It has peas, carrots, squash, red and green peppers, broccoli, green beans, and water chestnuts.  And I'm not a huge squash or water chestnut fan, so I didn't know how it would be.  Second, usually I can smell the dinner cooking, and I couldn't smell it at all, so I thought it was going to be bland or something. 

I was so, SO wrong.  This is one of my favorites that I've come across.  I didn't really measure out the sauce stuff-I used a whole can of the chicken broth, and 3 big heaping spoonfuls of the orange marmalade. The other ingredients I just poured in until I thought it was about right.  And then I made 3 cups of minute rice.  (Which was great, because I dumped the leftovers on top of the rice, which soaked in the sauce.  It ended up being really proportional.)  I had done big chunks of chicken, but shredded it before serving.  Oh, mamma.  So good.

So, yeah.  You should try the meal.  Also, I really need to scan more stuff into my computer.  Maybe I'll do that this weekend as I listen to General Conference, eh?

And by the way, "thank" you for reading my post!


Karlenn said...

Oh my gosh, he is so cute. I don't even know if Sadie can write. Honestly. Her teacher is a piece of crap. I need to do home school in addition to her schooling, I swear.

Steph @ Crafting in the Rain said...

That made me smile :) When Meagan was 2 she loved trucks, and would point them out any time she saw one. Only problem, she switched out the "tr" for "f". Lots of fun explaining that one after she played at someone else's house for a while!

Lisa said...

So sweet and cute post. Loved it. Thanks for sharing.

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Kelly said...

I love that you're scanning things the kids have done.

Thanks for the recipe. I love when someone else has done the testing for me so I know it will be easy and good!

Rachel said...

I love reading your posts! Thanks for sharing all the fun details- I love it when my kids write cute notes like that.

I have been meaning to tell you for a while, I miss being your visiting teacher- I loved coming to your house and talking to you. maybey I will just have to stop by sometime for no reason at all!

Mindy H. said...

What a sweetie!

And thanks for the recipie... I can't wait to give it a try!