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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Memory Monday (Yeah, I know it's Tuesday)

So, I've been wanting to do this for a while, but every Monday comes and goes, and then I think, "Dangit!  I'll start it next week!"  And, I'm tired of missing Monday, so even though I missed Monday again, I'm going to start.....

Memory Monday (Monday, Monday, Monday)

(That's an echo, by the way.  I was trying to make it all announcer-y, so it seems way cool.  Because even though it may not be cool, I'm okay with pretending.)

Hey, now that I'm halfway into this post, maybe I should explain myself, eh?

I have never kept a journal.  Wait, that's not true.  I kept a journal when I was in 8th and 9th grades.  And then I went back and read it, and it was all, "Oh, so-and-so boy looked at me!!!  AUGHH!!!!  I can't believe he looked my way in the hall!  AUGHH!!!!  He is SOOOO CUUUTTTEEE!!"  Yeah, total worthwhile journal.  And I was embarrassed, and never wanted anyone to read it, so...I threw it away.  For real, yo.

I have kept scrapbooks, though.  And I've written what's happened, and some of my thoughts and what-not.  But if I die, what will my kids know about me, my childhood, my thoughts?  They'll have some pictures.  But I wanted to write down some of my memories.

I like to blog (it may not seem like it because the posts are few and far between these days).  It's awesome to catch the moments as they are happening.  But I'm going to try this Memory Monday, so I can reflect back on some of the things that have happened to me, or what I've done, in the hopes of someday putting it all into a journal-esque thing.  And even if my kids don't give a flying crap, I still wanna do it.  I'm hoping to shoot for Mondays on this (off to a great start, huh?).  It may end up being "Memory of the Week", or "Sentimental Tuesday", or "Therapy Thursday"...but for now I'm sticking with Memory Monday.

So, without further ado, my first Memory Monday!

My mom recently reminded me of this event.  When I was a senior in high school, I was applying for college and scholarships and whatnot.  Utah State (Hey! Aggies all the way!) had a scholarship program called University Scholars.  As a senior, you go to Utah State, hang out, and then take a test that's a lot like the SATs.  I've never felt dumber in my whole life as when I took that test.  They gave you an example of "Black is to white as big is to.... a) clothes, b) little, c) green, d) humongous".  Then the actual test question would be "Egregious is to flagrant as vestigial is to... a) some other big word that I don't know the definition of, b) how do you even pronounce that?, c) relic, d) better not mark any answer unless you absolutely know for sure, otherwise guessing wrong gives you negative points!"  Good times.

Anyway, I was pretty nervous to go down and take the test.  And I have never been a morning person.  So we had to wake up really early.  My awesome mom drove me down, and my two younger sisters went with us.  I think we stayed overnight, but I stayed in a hotel room with a few other girls while my mom and sisters stayed elsewhere.  So, Brianna and Alexis were in the back seat, and I was attempting to get a little shuteye in the front seat while making the 2 1/2 hour drive.  And Beej and Lex were fighting over some Elmo toy.  I have no idea why, but whatever.  And my mom kept threatening, "If you don't stop fighting over that toy, I'm going to take it away!  I'll throw it out the window!"  And they would just not stop fighting over it.  At least, that's what it seemed like in my sleep-deprived brain.  So finally, I sat up, rolled down my window, grabbed the Elmo toy without saying a word, and threw it out onto the side of the highway.  I closed the window, and laid my chair back down and attempted to sleep again.

And my sisters were all, blink blink.  Blink.  Jaw drop.

They could not believe that I had the audacity to actually follow through with throwing the toy out the window.  I don't think anyone was expecting that, including myself.  I just...wanted silence.

I remember my mom promising to try and find it later on.  I don't remember if that ever happened, though.

I did not get the University Scholarship (though I got offered a different one).  I did end up going to Utah State.

But I have never really liked Elmo.


Amy said...

What a great idea! Maybe your sisters know what happened to Elmo. Funny.

lexykay said...

Dude, right when i saw the elmo picture and read that you wre writing a memory, i knew the story you were going to tell.
the horribly embarrassing thing is if you do the math i was like 11, and brianna was 16. why in the world were we fighting over a stuffed animal??
i think after we dropped you off for your test we drove back to the freeway looking for elmo. i feel like we found it, but it was all muddy and gross (because it had been raining/snowing) so we left it.
wow... fun trip down memory lane. you're supposed to talk about how fun and adorable i was as a kid, not a brat!

Rachel said...

That is hilarious!

Karlenn said...

This is one of my favorite stories EVER. And it's true; Lex and Beads were sooo too old to be caring about Elmo. What the H was that all about? I can see Micah and Sadie fighting over Littlest Pet Shop toys in nine years.

The Staker Family said...

I love this, I have the worst memory! Can't wait to see what next Monday (or Tuesday or Wednesday) has in store!