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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Take 2

I'm being lazy/non-energetic/still recovering from surgery/uncreative today. No, check that-that's how I've been feeling for the last, oh, 5 weeks.

But, go here for details on our upcoming adventure.
Also, go here for exactly how I've been feeling lately.


Momza said...

Aww I sure hope you are feeling like your old self soon! Take it easy and don't sweat the small stuff!

Amy said...

Good luck to Pete on his test. I am excited to see you all this weekend!

CHELZERS said...

wait---so he took the test already? or he is just now taking it...or you got the results...sorry I'm just confused and out of the loop----
I know how you feel about the other thing too. Totally and exactly. [hugs long distance from Cali]

Karlenn said...

Oh, I hope the test goes well. Wait. Did you guys already leave??? And how you have been feeling lately - that's so me. That is soooo me.

Robin said...

Remember, recovery doesn't count as lazy. Take it easy till you're better. I can help you out more if you need-that wasn't just a one time deal. Let me know what you need.

Rachel said...

Man, I feel the way you're feeling even without major surgery to recover from - I can only imagine. What did the doc say? And good luck to Pete!
P.S. As a comment to your last post, Jakob really is one of the most entertaining kids I know - he's a trip :)

lexykay said...

dude.... i had the craziest dream about you the other night!
i dreamt (is that how you spell/say that? hmmm) that you went in for your surgery but you were pregnant so they couldn't do the surgery so you've been faking feeling sick. it was nuts.
i hope you're feeling better!