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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pink, It's My New Obsession

The thing I had been waiting for for so long finally happened!

You know, this thing. Did I mention I had been waiting for so long?

Yes, my friends. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie came out, well, today. I was going to say last night, but it was technically this morning. And my sisters and I went to the midnight premiere!

And because we're cool, we dressed up as characters from the movie/book.

We look awesome, huh? Kar is Bellatrix Lestrange, I'm Tonks, and Lex is Luna Lovegood.

The movie was, in short, awesome. I laughed, and cried, and laughed, and sighed, and got chills, and laughed, and jumped, and laughed, and went "eeeee!" a few times under my breath.

We went to Perkins for some pie before heading over to the movie. I had way too much fun with my "wand" (a wooden cooking spoon). I would say "Alohomora!" at the door before opening it up. We were walking in the dark and I'd say "Lumos!" It really is a shame that magic isn't real.

I was surprised and pleased by how many people dressed up. But some people's characters were kind of a mystery. Like, they'd have their faces painted a certain way, but it wasn't definitive. I was like, Draco? Voldemort? Crabbe? Ron?

When I was walking down the hall at the theatre, a chick yelled down the hall, "Hey, Tonks!" I turned around, thinking maybe it was someone I knew. But I totally didn't know her. But hey, it made me feel good, knowing that my character was recognizable by how I dressed up. I don't know, maybe it was the hair that gave it away.

When we got there the movie workers were like, "You can't bring your wands in here. You might cast a spell or something." But then the manager guy was like, "Oh, we're not letting wands in? I didn't know." So we didn't know if they were being serious or not. I ended up taking the wands back to the car, but later we saw a ton of people with wands, so maybe they were being dumb teenagers or something.

It was so fun, but I'm definitely paying the price in tiredness today. But that price is worth it. SO worth it. If you get a chance, go! Like, go today!

P.S.-If you're a Harry Potter fan, check out this site. It's crazy.


Anonymous said...

That's so funny! You all look great as the characters you picked! I really want to go see it in the theater but Mark isn't that much into Harry Potter and wants to go see Star Trek instead. :P

Automobile Birdsinger said...

Your costumes are awesome!! Lots of people in my theatre dressed up also! It was so fun! One guy dressed up as a rememberall (sp?)! It was sooooo soooo fun! We arrived 5 hours early and had great seats! While we were in line to get in, we started a big catch phrase game. Just me, my sisters and friends and a whole bunch of harry potter fans, all strangers playing games together! It was so fun!

Karlenn said...

Ohhhhhh I am so tired today..... Did your hair stay pink?? Mine has major breakage from all the ratting I did! It was a blast.

Kristine said...

Soooo fun Natalie! You guys look great! :D

Momza said...

What a great idea! You'll always remember this!

Super Mom said...

I am so jealous! Jeff and I can't wait to see it. Hopefully next week we'll get to go. I can hardly wait!

Becky said...

Nat that is wicked awesome. I do have to say you look hot with pink hair!!! I sat next to a friend that was annoyed with the movie the entire time. I had to keep telling her to shut up and enjoy the movie LOL...Still loved it and am going to see it again. . .soon. . .like TODAY!

PS Autumn you are the Catch Phrase Queen and I love it!

Kelly said...

So happy you got out to have a girls night! Looks like it was sooooo much fun. We can't wait to take Davis!

Mindy H. said...

Oh my goodness!!!!

You guys are, quite posibly, the coolest people on the planet! I am sooooooo impressed with the costumes. I have to save this post to show my kidlets when school starts next month. I am (hopefully) going to see the movie tonight. I was going to wait a bit till the crowds died down, but after ready your glowing review, waiting is no longer an option!

Beej said...

You guys rock!! I am super sad that I couldn't be there to do it with you. You all look great! I just love the costumes and hair. And I think it is so awesome that you guys went to the midnight showing! Totally sweet!

The movies was amazing! Everyone needs to see it! I'm so glad that I have such fun sisters! I just can't get over it!!

suzy Q. said...

After much debate, I finally went and saw Harry Potter 6...ha ha ha, just kidding, I have actually been DYING to see it since it came out and haven't had time or a friend to go with, so today I said whatever to social norms and went by myself and LOVED it!!! I am dying to read the books again, thankfully I own them all so I can!!