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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I'd Make a Good Vampire

Our weather all through June was unusually cold and rainy. VERY rainy. Kind of like a little town called Forks. And I loved it. I love the smell of the rain, and the cozy up with a good book under a blanket feeling. (Incidentally, I was reading a Harry Potter book when this storm started.) And I love, love, love watching lightning storms. We had a doozy of one Sunday night, and I attempted taking pictures.


And thus.

Of course, a bunch of my pictures turned out like this (where the lightning is above the clouds, a.k.a. no lightning in them, a.k.a. not as exciting):

By the way, by showing you these pictures, I'm not trying to show you my prowess with a camera; in fact, those of you with any knowledge outside of "aim it over there and push the little button" would have done better than I did. As you can see, everything else is blurry, like the buildings and stuff. But my camera, without the flash, did a little timed holding picture thing, but once there was enough light (from, you know, the lightning) it would end the picture.

Pretty cool, huh?

So yes, maybe I'd make a good vampire. Although I like my steaks well done, thanks.


Becky said...

We can be vampires together. The cool rainy weather make me very happy. Plus we are super fair skinned and the sun doesn't love us. ;)

Karlenn said...

Ben and I actually sat on our front porch and watched it! I asked him to take pictures, and he said they wouldn't be good enough. I should have tried it myself.

Aprillium said...

I too loved the cool rainyness.... though I have to admit I don't handle heat well AT ALL.

BTW we need to do another "Girls night/day out" :)

Momza said...

Summer Rain Storms are the best!
Perfect for my tastes too!

Rachel said...

I loved that storm too. Those pictures are way cool.

CHELZERS said...

ooooh! the steeple one is cool and eerie! Nice job!

I totally thought when I read the title of the blog you would be refrencing your skin color and I was already planning to empathize with you! The other day my mother in law---I mean someone---said to me that I needed to come over with the girls so I could get some sun so I would look related... :/
[p.s. for the record, my skin is a slight shade darker than my childrens so THERE!] haha

Nat said...

Chels-Um, YEAH, totally completely uber WHITE legs on my part! It's sad/gross. And my kids are way darker than I am! Grrr.

Anonymous said...

Cool pictures! I was totally scared to venture out into the lightning storm. It was right on top of us! We've never been that close to thunder and lightning before. It freaked the boys out pretty bad!

Mosers said...

That last one looks like it is reaching for the steeple on the church.. LOL.. that was a great store to watch... it always makes me grateful that was not a pioneer.. the tallest thing on the prairie!

Beej said...

I love watching lightning storms from a porch cuddled up in a blanket. It is my most favorite thing. Especially with a good book or a journal.

Your pictures are unbelievable! I am really impressed. In fact, I watched a show once when I was little about a lightning photographer. I didn't know that that could be a job. And for a while that is what I wanted to be when I grew up. And look at you! You totally could do it!