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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Stick a Freaking Fork in Me...

...I'm DONE!!

I finished spring cleaning my entire house!

{ much applause and cheering }

About five days ago I didn't want to see my bucket of soapy water ever again. The whole process was like working out to the advanced Taebo tape: how you hate it a lot a lot in the middle of it, but after you're done, and you're sitting on the couch all out of breath and sweaty, you're glad you did it. And seriously, I'm sore today, because it was like I worked out every day for at least an hour for the last two weeks (yesterday was like 7 hours), getting up and down off of counters and stools and chairs, and pulling stuff out and putting it back.

I was surprised by how many cobwebs were in the corners that I couldn't see until I got up near the ceilings.

I was surprised by how much dirt I dumped out in the soapy water, just from wiping my walls.

I was surprised by how much stuff I found to D.I. or to dump, especially since I'm such a minimalist. But when things are all hidden away, you don't have to think about them or face the "do I use it?" questions.

I am not surprised by the calm I feel now, even though I have the hugest pile of laundry to fold since it's been ignored for the better part of a week. But that's kind of part of my routine anyway.

I'm also not surprised by the new list of things that I want to do: the projects (recaulking, repainting, etc.), the other cleaning (like the garage, the storage room, etc.), and the organizational stuff (scanning Pete's mission pics, updating my address book, etc.).

But anyway, here are a few more before and after shots. The difference in some of the areas may not be as obvious by looking at them, but the feeling is so different!

The pantry before (somewhat chaotic), then after (glass jars moved away from Ivy's grasping level, and stuff clumped together a little better):

The "office" before (so dusty and cluttery!):

The "office" after (I breathe better just looking at it!):

My medicine cabinet before (the whole half-used bottles thing):

Medicine cabinet after (so pretty!):

Under my bathroom sink before (not organized):

Under the sink after (so easy to find stuff!):

So if any of you have the desire to spring clean, I guarantee that even if you do just one room, you'll feel so good! Oh, and Mary has extended her deadline to two weeks from today, so if you still want to participate through her blog then join in! She's having giveaways and a girl's night out and all sorts of stuff. And hey, even if I don't win anything, I still have a clean house! YAY!

And now, when I go to do the normal cleaning in my house, it will be so easy peasy lemon squeezy compared to what I've just done.


Rachel said...

Ok, I am so jealous. I did clean and organize my pantry and fridge last week and I felt really good about that. I don't see much more than the basic cleaning happening around my house for a while. I just have no energy. But I will live vicariously through you.

Amy said...

Way to go Nat! I have begun a few projects of my own. But things always seem to blossom into other things. Like mopping a floor requires sweeping it first, and moving stuff. Putting those things away and while doing that noticing other piles that could be put away too. I am easily distracted and find that a little of everything got done. So my new goal is to FOCUS on just one thing and get it done. Then I can check it off the list. So there.

Mary said...

Good job!!! Your before and after pics are awesome!! I'm so glad you've joined in the fun! Reading these kinds of things makes my work of keeping up my blog SO WORTH IT! :)

Janae said...

It looks so good! I am sad to say that I needed the deadline extension. I have been spending
5+ hours a day on my website and putting off the cleaning. I can't wait till I can say that I am all done!

Karlenn said...

Good work, Nattles! I haven't done nearly as much as you have, but it is a good feeling. Still haven't cleaned my living room yet.. and I talked to you about three hours about that being my goal for today. :) I suck.

suzy Q. said...

Nice work!! I need to deep clean my room...its a disaster in there right now!

Automobile Birdsinger said...

I am totally impressed. Why did I not learn from you when we lived together? So many wasted years where I could have learned how to be clean!! Also, commenting on the harry potter post...I told my boss that if I work the night it comes out, I will call in sick!;) I also need to reread all of the books. It has been so long and I am not prepared for the awesomeness that awaits!!!! PS- be jealous...I get to see it one hour before you do!!!! :P Yay for Central time zone!!!:)

Momza said...

You are a brave woman--taking pics under your sink for all to deserve a parade thrown in your honor! NO kiddin!
Great job! I'm gonna go clean out from under my sink--but I'm not taking pics of it.

Mosers said...

Looks awesome! I am going to work on it tomorrow.. I started on monday but had a little fias-cow that took all week to recoup form! Way to go.. now will you do mine?

lexykay said...

you should help me go through my stuff and de-junk. i'm pretty good about it, but there are always still a few items (mostly clothes) that i just keep holding onto for some reason. you should heellllpppp me :)

Chris, Ali, and Alayna said...

What an awesome accomplishment. Want to come do my house!! I don't have the drive to actually take my blinders off and see the real mess in my house!!! Good for you! -ali-

jomama said...

your house looks awesome! good job for getting all the way through that. you've definitely inspired me to try a little harder!
and i love that you say "easy peasy lemon squeezy," we say that too!

Kelly said...

Wow, good job Nat. Spring cleaning with four kids cannot be easy. I need to start, but I feel like I can barely keep up with the day to dat. You are very inspirational, so if you can do it maybe I can give it a shot!!!!

Trudy said...

I am so proud and impressed but let's forget about the fork!love ya, T

Mindy H. said...

Wow! I am so going to follow your example...someday...when school gets out...probably.


Once again, you are my hero.

Beej said...

I did my spring cleaning before Greg came to visit us. It isn't perfect, but still, I'm proud and it is better than it was. It is funny to me how neat your before pictures are. They look really good compared to my house. Sigh...I was never the cleaner or organizer that you were.