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Sunday, March 22, 2009

This, That, and the Other

-These are Pete’s ANGRY shoes.  He wears them when he’s mad.
3-22-09 001
Or, he wears them all the time now because they are his new shoes.  But maybe he’s mad ALL the time, and I just don’t know it…
See?  He’s like a raging volcano:
3-22-09 003
Just how I’m sure he wants to spend his Friday night- studying for the CIH.
-Brock got a dollar from his Utah grandparents for his birthday.  I wonder if he’ll spend it on getting a Coke for me.
3-22-09 007
Well, he didn’t.  He ended up with a candy bar, which I got at the store, when Tobey Maguire checked my groceries.toby
Seriously, the dude could have been his Peter Parker twin, with the glasses and everything.
-Sometimes I feel like this is all I do:3-22-09 008
One of these days I’ll get around to potty training Troy.
-We moved our trampoline outside.  I took a picture of it last night.  Wanna see?
3-22-09 017
See, it’s right there, in the middle of our yard.
You know what else is in our yard?  Green, growing things.
3-22-09 021
I love tulips.  I wish they would last all summer.  Of course, right now those green things are covered in white stuff.  The winters can be a little long.
-I picked up our food storage the other day.  And someday it will make it down into our basement.3-22-09 009
So one of us can survive for a year!  Or all of us for 2 months.  Same diff, right?
Also someday, I’m going to paint our walls, one of these colors:3-22-09 011
Yep, brown.  REALLY going out on a limb, there.  But first, I should probably fix the gaping hole in the wall:
3-22-09 015
Gotta love removable door stops.
-I have two zits on my face.  They look like this:
Say it with me: AWE, SOME.  I also got a mild form of pink eye.  Yep, America’s Next Top Model is knocking down my door right now.


Mosers said...

You are hilarious... I love reading your blog!!!

Momza said...

Hi there!
I wandered over here from the Mormon Mommy blogs--so glad I did! YOU, my dear sister, are a Scream!
Love the dollar/coke blip! I can so relate--I'm married to a Coke-a-holic.

I'll be back!!

breymom said...
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Jennifer said...

Yeah for finding time to get the food storage!

Karlenn said...

Crap, I forgot to remind you to stop by my house on your way home for the pink eye drops. Do you still want them?? And I'm sorry about the zits. I seriously, seriously know what that's like. So much. And I noticed Pete's new cool shoes the other day, but I forgot to comment on them. I like 'em. P.S. Are we having some cake times for Pete's birthday later on this week?

Kristine said...

Thanks for entertaining me this afternoon :D Hehe..

Mindy H. said...

I love your "this", your "that", and all of your "others"! Thanks for sharing!

Beej said...

Nat, your tiny zits can never, ever compare to my acne issues. Just know that. No matter how bad it gets, you can know that somewhere across the country, your sister is suffering from continual acne.