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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More Homework Confusion

Here's another awesome ambiguous Kindergarten homework question. The two pictures are supposed to describe one word, a word that has both meanings. Like watch (wristwatch) and watch (look at something). So take a gander:

I was like, ice cream? fence? cone? eat?

Um, that would be "lot". As in a lot of ice cream, and a lot that you buy to build a house on. Like I said, stretching it on some of these.

And this was on Fail Blog the other day:

What in the world is that bottom grouping supposed to be? I read through some of the comments to see if anyone guessed. Someone said "things that are black". Except...trains are silver, and whales are blue... Someone else said "things that Chuck Norris can lift with one finger". I liked that answer. (Have you heard some of the Chuck Norris jokes?)

Yep, adventures at every turn.


Karlenn said...

Oh my GOSH. I cannot believe that worksheet of Jake's. I would have never guessed that. That is retarded.

jomama said...

ha! we're going through the same thing (with the same homework) over here. a couple weeks ago we were doing one of those with the pictures and i couldn't figure out what it was. millie finally figured it out by herself!

Amy said...

I think it is time to ditch the worksheets from the 70's. We've gotten worksheets with rotary dial phones on them. Erin proceeded to ask me what it was. HA!