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Monday, February 2, 2009

For the Record

This weekend we had Stake Conference. But it was extra cool this time because we had an apostle come to speak to us: M. Russell Ballard. I got a chance to go to the adult session while Pete stayed home with the kids.

There were several speakers at both the adult session as well as on Sunday. I even took notes at the adult session because I was, you know, not holding kids, or drawing pictures of Wall-E for the kids, or getting drinks at the fountain, or mixing bottles of formula, or settling fights of who got to sit by Mom or on Mom, etc. (Can you tell how much I got out of the Sunday session?)

BUT...I wrote just a few notes on a random piece of paper on a quickly dwindling notebook Saturday night, so I thought I'd put what I wrote down here. These thoughts aren't all from Elder Ballard. But they're all things that I needed to be reminded of. And maybe what I got out of conference isn't what others did, but maybe it will help others out there that read this. So without further ado...

-We need to teach our children to have their own personal prayers and their own scripture study.

-We need to shrink our expenditures to fit our income.

-We can always do a little better.

-We need to fill our time with the essential things. We need to make sure to have family prayer and family home evening.

-We need to gather our children together, and teach them, and testify to them, and be an example to them. Nothing can compensate for failure in the home.

-Keep positive and prayerful through our challenges and our trials. Count our trials as blessings, because they keep us humble.

-We can't teach or discipline our children while in the throes of anger.

-We need to do the best with what we are given.

-The priesthood is so precious and powerful.

-Remain true and faithful and we will be blessed.

-PRAY, and God will watch over you.


Rachel said...

I feel so bad that I missed it, we had to go to SLC for a baby blessing! Thanks for taking notes for me!

Mindy H. said...

You guys got some really good stuff this weekend. Thanks so much for sharing your notes. There are several pieces of apostolic wisdom that I am going to try to apply in my life this week, including the one about not being able to teach kids while angry. I have to have a sub on Thrusday, which never ends well, so I will try to remember Elder Ballard's counsel when I read the sub note and have strong urges to throw literature books at my kidlets heads :)

Karlenn said...

I'm so dang jealous! I love hearing from the apostles! Those are some good pieces of counsel. Especially the trials part, for me. :)

Blaire said...

Super good advice- M Russell Ballard is the MAN!

breymom said...

Hi Nat,
Those were great notes! Thanks for letting me share your BLOG:)

Kristine said...

Wow that sounds nice. Thanks for your notes :)