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Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year's Eve Par-tay

For New Year's Eve we went to Jaren and Arin's house for a small get-together. Basically, Arin is super social, super put-together, and super awesome. So all I have to do is bask in her socialness, her put-togetherness, and her awesomeness, and I have a blast. Secretly I'm hoping that someday it will rub off on me. It hasn't worked so far, but maybe one of these days I'll learn her secrets and then people will be blogging about the amazing time they had when I was hostess. (Um, just go along with it, okay? Maybe someday fantasy will become reality.)

The host and hostess:

The adults played games upstairs while the kids played/ruined stuff downstairs. We had really yummy food, like chips and different dips, and cinnamon rolls, and pop, etc.

Arin, Steve, Zoe:

One of the games we played was called Snorta! Each person is an animal, and you're putting down cards that are also animals, and when your card matches someone else's you have to make their animal's sound. Sounds easy, right? Mmmm, not so much. Half the time we (I) couldn't think of the animal's sound quickly, the other half of the time we (I) would say the wrong one, either doing my animal, or the animal on the card. Yeah, I was the first one out.

Heidi, Jaren, and Pete:

At first when we were playing, we'd all end up pointing at the other person's animal while trying to think of the sound it made. A very fun game.

Allan, Jason, and Heidi:

We also played Catch Phrase, and Apples to Apples, both favorites of ours.

Steve, Zoe, Kristy, and Allan:

And we actually stayed until after midnight! Our kids were just having a good ol' time, as were we, so it was all good. Thanks, Arin, for having us over! Maybe next year, our house? (Let's be honest-it will probably be at Arin's again. *sigh*)


Layton Mom said...

We can totally have it at my house again. It was a lot of fun and the kids didn't destroy too much. :) It gave me a really good excuse to start the new year by purging all the "really wonderful" toys from the basement. I ended up with two totally empty bins when all was said and done. And a whole lot of garbage. :)

Mosers said...

Oh.. it was a blast...sorry we pooped out on you an hour early.. by the time we got home and kids in bed we realized it was like 5 minutes too midnight, perfect timing!!! ;) Yeah I don't know how she does it...I can barely make it through a normal day let alone try to entertain!

Karlenn said...

Dude, I need to figure out how to bottle Erin's energy and drink it. Seriously. I am so jealous of energetic people. All I want to do is sleep! I'm so surprised you guys stayed so late! I'm glad your kids lasted that long. Mine probably wouldn't have. Sorry I didn't come, Erin. It would have been so busy, with me having to leave to do the 5K thing. It ended up being good for me to chill at home before the race.

Mindy H. said...

I'm so glad that you had such a fun start to the new year. And for what it is worth...I think you are super-social, super-put-together, and super-duper awesome. Happy new year!

idasale said...

This is since I can't find a comment box on the last post about your favorite shows. So I didn't know about one tree hill until this past month...we don't have cable. Any way I just watched the first four seasons in I think it was just under 3 weeks...yes all four...needless to say my house was a little neglected for a while...I am waiting for season 5 from a friend of mine so I can be almost caught up! Such a soap opera but so good.