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Monday, December 8, 2008

You Know Your House is Filthy When...

...your five-year-old says, "It's really dirty in here!"

Then he starts cleaning up for you, making beds (including yours), and picking up his father's dirty socks laying on the floor and putting them in the laundry basket.

He also asks if he can sweep, and then tells you it's time to mop.

He also organizes his brother's toys on his bed, and makes sure all the snow boots that got worn today are in a neat row on the rug.

He said something about "cleaning makes it become Christmas", so he has some ulterior motives going on. But hey, I'll take the volunteered help anytime!


Emily said...

That is cute that they decide to help out. And Yes, Take it when you can because I have discovered that it does not last forever. :)

Mindy H. said...

What a cute little guy! You should rent out his cleaning services...he seems to have a talent for it and heaven knows my apartment could use the help :)

Layton Mom said...

How funny! My kids just can't figure out why i keep cleaning. I hear, "Mom I cleaned my room yesterday, why do I have to clean it today?"

Amy said...

Sounds like a ploy to get on Santa's good list. But hey! Take it when you can get it. And maybe he'll recruit the others to help and it will last until Christmas. Even better!!

Karlenn said...

That is so stinkin' funny! Your house always is totally pristine compared to mine. Seriously. My house is a pit. I wish Ben would decide that clean houses make Santa come. I could use a little help!!