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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Because the Oscars are Actually About the Votes...

...I'm going to talk about my Young Women's Night of Excellence in tally form.

First, Oscar night should be filled with mishaps, great food, and surprises.

I bought some wooden stars and some spray glitter to decorate the display and refreshment table. I thought it was going to spray silver with glitter in it. Instead, it was just glitter. Minus 1.

But my mom came to the rescue; on her way to my house to babysit (thanks a million, Mom!), she stopped by a craft store and bought some silver paint. We painted the stars, and then she sprayed them with the glitter stuff afterwards. Plus 1 for the paint, plus 1 for the amazing mom.

The surprise: I found three lip balms in my purse, when I thought I didn't have any. Plus 1 for luscious lips! (Not that this goes with the night; it just so happened to happen on the same night.)

The good food: A ham and cheese sandwich with bacon for dinner. (I know, that's like saying ham with ham. But I love me some bacon on a sandwich. No, scratch that-I love me some crisp bacon on a sandwich.) Plus 1 for food, minus 1 for the disgusting picture (it tasted way better than it looks).

Next, you have to have the behind-the-scenes people:

Here's Jessica, mixing the raspberry punch. Plus 1 for raspberry punch, plus 1 for awesome Jessica, and plus 1 for cheesecake (the actual good food of the night).

Janae, showing off her pregnant glory, who made these awards for the previous Young Women's presidency. She also made the awards for the young women, which turned out way better than an actual Oscar. Plus 1 for amazing Janae, plus 1 for her ultra talent. And plus 1 for the balloons she got for our night.

The plaques Janae made for the girls. Gorgeous, huh?

Our MC, and ultra president, Jodi. Plus 1 for being so put together!

Jozet, the gift giver. She got each of the girls boas, tiaras, and earrings. Plus 1 for her grace and thoughtfulness.

And me, the one who borrowed stuff from Kar. Her ward ended up thinking of the same Oscar theme for their Young Women's in Excellence, and held it a couple of weeks ago. So I got to borrow her stuff. And I got to borrow my mom's stuff to help decorate. Plus 1 for borrowed decorations. And that dress I'm wearing? I don't wear it often, but I got it pre-kids. Plus 1 for still being able to fit in it! But minus 1 for my crazy hair. I was trying to go all fancy-schmancy, but it turned out a little...spastic. And it started to fall out mid-program. Minus 1 for not enough bobby pins and hairspray.

And what would the night be without technical difficulties? We hung these stars up, and a few of them fell during the night. Minus 1 for falling stars. (Real falling stars are cool; I'm talking about fake stars clunking to the ground.)

Also, our girls were going to sing the song for this year's theme along to the CD. Turns out we had a DVD instead (minus 1), so I got to do a little sight-reading accompaniment for them on the piano. Plus 1 for the girls being so flexible, minus 1 for me only having played through the song once before.

Another unrelated event-though a technical difficulty- that happened last night: Pete's car wouldn't start for him on his way home from work. Minus 1. But thanks to a co-worker and Kar, he got jumped and got home. Plus 1.

And our night wouldn't be complete without our real shining stars. I'm thinking about asking some of them for their autographs because they are so extremely talented and beautiful and will definitely be going places. Plus 7, because there are seven of them, and 7 is the perfect number, and they are so practically perfect in every way! Also, check out some of their poses on our "red carpet", taken by our paparazzi (me and Jodi).

McKaye, who played the guitar and sang:

Alyssa, who played the violin:

Natalie, who played the clarinet:

Katie, who changed a tire:

Megan, who made visual aids for the primary chorister:

Caliece, who played the piano:

Jenny, who did a drama monologue:

Yep, destined for fame.

So, if my tally is correct, we're at plus 15 overall. A win for all involved! I'd like to thank... (Dang, I just got played off the stage!)


Layton Mom said...

You are so witty. The YW are so lucky to have you. I am glad that your night turned out so well.

Janae said...

That is super cute. I love all your wording. Kinda curious though, how is it that your picture of yourself looks great while the rest of us leaders are some what questionable?!!
Love the post...I might have to steal some pics for my own blog if that is okay. Oh, again, you are amazing on the piano!

Jodi said...

Wow! What a recap of a fabulous evening. Seriously I appreciate all your help. I had know idea about the crazy behind the scenes mishap like the stars, etc. Thanks so much. I know the girls really felt special.

Jessica said...

You get plus 1 for an awesome post and plus 15 for an awesome on the spot cover up for our broken DVD player. What a fun post, it did turn out to be a really great evening.

Mindy H. said...

Wow! You have a very crafty presidency...and some extremely talented and cute girls.

It looks like you had a fun night. Thanks for sharing it with us YW-deprived folks. :)

stierlefamily said...

i was so jealous! i saw you guys setting up that night while i was at the church for our primary meeting. looks like you girls had an awesome night! seeing all this makes me miss being a young woman!

Rachel said...

Sounds like the evening was a success. It is probably a huge relief to have that over with. The calling in YW is very challenging, but also very rewarding. These girls will remember you for the rest of their lives!

Karlenn said...

Hahahaha! I love that - "I just got played off the stage!!" Hilarious. It looks like it was a really fun evening!! And I don't think your hair looks spastic. And I'm so jealous that you can wear pre-kids clothes. My heck. You won the genetic lottery. Seriously. And I think it's so great that you can play piano in a crunch. I always feel bad for people who can play piano, because they always have to do last-minute things like that. Did you use my super-cool red carpet music??

Amy said...

It looks like a lovely evening, despite the few minuses. I'm really glad that it turned out so awesome. You are making memories for those girls, and they will remember it forever!

CHELZERS said...

Again, hilarious. I was laughing out loud while my children are unsupervised in the other room. I'm such an awesome mom.

Anyway---might be stealing that idea...and those plaques/frames!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE!! Totally stealing. I'm just an advisor, but I can suggest things...I think... Such crafty and creative people! Those are some lucky girls!

The Taylor's said...

You guys did a great job and it was a fabulous night.

Kelly said...

Holy smokes, that looked like a pretty amazing night and a lot of work. Isn't being in YW's fun! You are a pretty hot mama no one would ever guess you had four kids.