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Thursday, October 16, 2008


Cute Emily tagged me with this one:
I am: loving my scanner/printer that’s finally hooked up! I need to play around with it more, but so far what I’ve done has been an awesome piece of cake.
I know: that laundry is a never-ending process, but why can’t it be done for more than two days?

I want: the weather to stay nice through Halloween, but I’m kind of doubting it right now since it snowed last week.
I have: GOT to clean my downstairs bathroom before company comes tomorrow! Ick!
I dislike: getting up early in the morning.
I miss: the college days. Not the being single thing, or the tests, but just the carefree-ness, and the endless energy I used to have.
I feel: so blessed. I have a gorgeous family, food, shelter, clothing, warmth…I’m so, so lucky.
I hear: the sound of silence. The kids are in bed. It’s so peaceful.
I smell: nothing right now, but I wish I was smelling some brownies baking in the oven…or some peach cobbler…or something else to eat…
I crave: Coca-Cola. I’ve been without for over a week now, and man, I miss it!
I cry: when I fight with people. And when I cry at night before bed, the next day my eyelids are really puffy, so much so they barely open in the morning. It’s attractive.

I search: for my boys’ shoes constantly!
I wonder: what my kids will look like when they get older. Jakob and Troy look like I did when I was little. I just hope their pre-teen years are a little nicer to them than mine were to me.
I regret: letting some good friendships drift away
I love: cuddling with Pete, much to his chagrin.
I care: a lot, I care a lot! (clap-clap, clap-clap!)

I worry: that Pete is going to die while traveling out to work. That would super suck.
I remember: when I was in kindergarten. We totally took “naps” on our desks. The teacher would turn the lights off, and we’d wait for the milk cart to come by. We would get milk and crackers. They don’t do that anymore in kindergarten, which makes me kind of sad for the kids.
I believe: that my kids are the dang cutest kids in the universe.
I dance: with my little boys, and I’ve noticed it looks a lot like my dad’s dancing. He grabs our hands, and swings them back and forth while bouncing his knees up and down. I totally have the same sweet moves now.
I don't: live up to my potential, especially as a mom. I let my kids watch way too many movies.
I argue: the most in my head. I’ll be mad about something, and then I’ll play out what I would say to whoever it is about whatever it is in my head, and I’m always so totally right and the other person sees my clear logic, and then the world is a better place because my opinion is the right one, and why didn’t they do it like that in the first place?
I write: chore lists on my fridge whiteboard, and then I never do the things on the list. I’m productive like that.
I win: nothing. I’ll fill out those survey things that you get on store receipts, and…nothing! I’ll enter sweepstakes, I’ll put my name in drawings, and nada.
I lose: real arguments. I’d just rather not fight, and when I do fight I get all flustered and I can’t express what I want to in the emotion of the moment.
I wish: we were debt free, including the mortgage. How awesome would that be??? *sigh*
I listen: to Jakob’s crazy stories that he makes up all day long. He named his bike “Snaprider”, and today told me Snaprider’s first name was “Snake”. Then he drew a picture of him riding his bike.
I can usually be found: downstairs in my home or cleaning something up.
I am scared: of growing old and getting some crazy disease, or not being able to see or hear, or worse, not having my mind intact.
I need: a haircut. I’m starting to look like one of those 15-year-old boys that have long wavy hair, kind of like in the 70s. Like…David Cassidy.

I forget: to go to mid-week Relief Society meetings. They have them all the time, and I always think I’ll go, but then I remember about 40 minutes into the activity. This always happens to me.
I am happy: when I have chocolate. Oh, mama! Chocolate and Coke are a few of my favorite things.

I tag: Pete and Mindy, because they’ll both come up with really creative answers.


Mindy H. said...

Thanks for the fun tag! I needed an idea for this this weekend's post.

Oh, and I loved your carebear reference. I started clapping and singing along!

Karlenn said...

Love the David Cassidy reference! Hee-hee! I got my hair cut last week, and it felt awesome. You're still out of coke? I thought Pete just got paid... I can bring you some coke this week sometime, if you want. :)