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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's Just a Flesh Wound

My kids have had mishap after mishap lately, resulting in bumps, bruises, and blood.

1. Troy's shoes:

He got these for his birthday, about 2 1/2 months ago. The toes now have holes in them. We have a little scooter bike. He'll push off, then drag his feet along the ground.

2. I'm not sure how it happened, but Brock fell or got bumped or something, and had a really bad bloody nose. We even thought it may be broken. After a call to Nurse Brianna asking if he'd still be screaming (he wasn't), we figured he just bumped it badly.

3. A huge scrape along Jakob's whole arm. He was most likely jumping, and scraped it on the entertainment center. The scrape later turned into a nasty bruise.

4. Troy again. I turned on the vacuum, which scared him. He fell or ran and tripped, and landed on his forehead. It immediately goose-egg/bruised. We were glad it didn't break the skin, because it most definitely would have needed stitches.

5. Return to Brock. Today he was fighting with Troy over a toy that Troy had first, so I sent him to his room. He was pounding on the door and yelling, so I went to go tell him to sit on his bed and calm down. When I opened the door, the knob bumped him in the nose, guessed it-another bloody nose for Brock.

6. Again with Jakob: Jakob said Brock bit him, but it looked more like a carpet burn or something. It's on the back of his neck.

7. Even Ivy isn't exempt from the accidental self-affliction. I put her on the couch and was getting some clothes and stuff for her. She rotated herself sideways, so instead of being parallel to the back couch cushions she was perpendicular. Her head was at the edge. She gave a mighty kick and ended up sliding off, flipping over in the process, which landed her on her tummy. She's ground-bound now.

8. And Troy once more: Pete was baking a cardboard pizza. It beeped that it was done, and before Pete came up to get it, Troy decided to be a big helper. He opened the oven, stuck a spatula in there, and burned his arm in the process.

I'm glad that kids are resilient. I'm glad that they heal easily. And I'm glad that no one has called child services on me yet, because I don't know if they would buy that my kids hurt themselves as much as they do.

And because I couldn't resist:


Karlenn said...

Dude! Lots of injuries lately. That's life with kids! I swear that someone should call CPS on ME, because I forgot today was "early out" day, and Sadie, Micah, and I went to get Sadie's and my hair cut. Dylan came home to an empty house! Luckily, it was unlocked! He fell asleep, crying, on the couch. Oh my gosh. I'll never forgive myself. He was home, alone, for like an hour!!! I feel so crappy.

Mosers said...

Is this a Monty something or other movie... my hubby loves these!

Mindy H. said...

Wow...sounds like you have been heck-a busy patching kids up. I remember always having some kind of scratch of bruise while growing up. Too bad I never grew out of that klutz phase...

I love the M.P. clip. Your brain makes the best connections!