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Thursday, September 11, 2008



My story isn't all that spectacular. My mom woke me up, told me what was happening. I got up and sat in front of the TV for....hours. I went to work, where the TV was on, and everyone watched, just staring, dumbfounded, not really realizing how real it actually was.




7 years later...I can still remember how it was. How it felt. goes on, babies are born, people get married, and though we can remember the sadness, we need to remember the happiness and the good in life. 9/11 was horrible and tragic, yet it made me so much more grateful for the people and things in life that I have.

I really enjoyed this post about 9/11.

Cherish the good things, the little things.


Karlenn said...

I'm glad you wrote about this on your bloggy. I was wondering if I should; I think I will, now.

Rachel said...

I was thinking about this today also, I remember crying a lot that day and I went to work and they sent us home to spend the day with our families. It was really sad, and I just sat in front of the tv watching it all unfold. I think it is good to remember. I love your blog!

idasale said...

This was such a crazy day for me cause I lived in Long Island when it happened and my boss had regular meetings in the trade towers and we didn't know if he was there at the (I was a nanny)There were many parents and coachs lost from the school district...I can still tell you right were I was in long island the second it happened literally the second! Thank you for reminding us to be greatful!