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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

why Why WHY???

I told you: every second. Betcha thought I was joking.

I promise I watch my kids.

I wish more flavors of Kool-aid came in the "invisible" variety. (The flavors that are invisible my kids don't like. Go figure.)

Yes, we've tried a fridge lock, which lasted all of 24 hours.

We also have a downstairs doorknob cover. All the boys can open the door regardless.

I've been wanting to clean my carpets anyway...



Karlenn said...

Dude, I'm so sorry! :(

chelzers said...

oh my gosh. I just know that's coming.
But, I'm glad it's kool-aid and not blood. For a second I didn't know... :S Good luck with that one. :)

April said...

GAH! I'd say your kids are still lucky to be ALIVE after that. Mine probably wouldn't be!

mmm, hope it all comes out. I think I remember that stuff stains. But I'm totally crossing my fingers taht I does.... I'm gunna go google it.... brb

April said...

yup, it stains.... but here is a good way to get as much out as possible!!

Liquid dish soap, White cloth, and Iron. GOOD LUCK SWEETIE!

Emily said...

Yeah I spilled Kool-aid on the carpet too. (I was 18). I used liquid tide and lots of H2O. It came out and my parents never knew (we were lived in an Apartment in CA)...
So sorry.

Kristine said...

Ah boo :( I believe you watch your kids ;) Mine has managed two trips to Primary children's in 9 months. Boys can be crazy! I do watch mine too!

Mosers said...

Oh... the joys of's a quote that Julie Larsen put on my blog once... hope it humors you!

"Ahhhh, motherhood. It certainly has its rewards . . . some days I wonder when I'm going to see those rewards!"

Hang in there hun!

breymom said...

My kids did it with green hershey's syrup "Incredible Hulk" LOL if they didn't do this they wouldn't be boys. I just wish I had hidden cameras so I'd know where I was when all these things happen! I use regular salt and pour a ton of it on when the stain is wet and then scrape it up, it works GREAT! Happy mothering with boys:)

Amy said...

How come you have all the fun? I'm so sorry Nat! Ivy will be learning how to roll down the stairs in no time with Troy as a teacher. At least creative is a sign of intelligence. Troy should be building rockets for NASA in no time!