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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Arin is my hero. Being the amazing woman she is, she saw my sad mess and offered her cool Bissell carpet cleaning machine. I used it last night, and you should have seen what it pulled out of the carpet! I used it again today to see if it would get any more kool-aid out, and lo and behold:

It's a little bit darker right now because it's still damp, and I think it may stay slightly pink since I didn't use said fabulous machine as soon as it happened. But my carpet is saved from a life of continuous blushing.

I'd like to thank all you Becky Home-Ec-eys, too, with your suggestions on how to clean up after little boys. You all came to my rescue with the carpet and the cabinet. Rubbing alcohol totally worked on getting the permanent marker off of my cabinet (thanks, Heidi)! The things you learn...

I've decided, though, that I've gots ta get me one of these:

Thanks a million billion trillion, Arin!
But I think the next house we move to will be all plastic, so I can just hose off the walls, floors, etc.


lexykay said...

arin is like super mom!!! for reals, everything i hear about the girl is incredible. so if arin reads this i wanna give her a little holla. so HOLLA!!!

Ralphie said...

What an amazing machine! Red koolaid is like death to carpets. And thank goodness yours is darker.

I loved the picture of the spill and the messy culprit. Priceless.

Mosers said...

It's amazing the emotions we go through when stuff like this disappointing or whatever the emotion is.. to sheer gratitude and excitement!!! Glad the alcohol worked! Glad the kool aid came out... our last house had short carpet in the kitchen and then the renal we had after that had carpet too... We did laminant in our house and it shows a lot of the dust and crumbs... but it cleans up well! I'm committing to memory that Arin owns that fabulous machine!

Mosers said...

sorry... the word was rental not renal... :(

Karlenn said...

Dude, I want one of those soooo badly.