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Friday, June 27, 2008

Please help!

I truly think I'm insane.

Or maybe I just like to torture myself.

I need to potty train Brock. Oh, it's beyond time to start doing this.

It took about 6 months until Jakob was good and trained with all the functions. I started him when he was about 2 1/2. And now Troy is almost 2. So if it takes Brock just as long, then by the time he's trained Troy will be 2 1/2, and it will be time to start him. So, the other day I was thinking, why not do him and Brock at the same time. I crazy?

BUT, if any of you have potty trained your child(ren), could you please let me know what worked for you, or didn't work for you?

We tried everything, EVERYTHING, on Jakob: chocolate bribery, toy bribery, sticker charts, the potty making a celebratory noise, calling Daddy or Grandma to tell them...and nothing worked until we told him that only babies pee and poo in their diapers, so he must be a baby still. His response was, "I'm NOT a baby! I'm a big boy!" And from then on out he was good to go. We've tried the same lines on Brock, and he gives a look of, "And why would I care about that?" And we haven't even mentioned anything to Troy yet about trying to go in the toilet.

I'm going to start trying after the baby blessing (July 6). We don't have any plans to go anywhere anytime soon. Cross your fingers for me and my sanity!


Mosers said...

I have a book about helping children and development and milestones and such, It has a complete section about potty training. you are totally welcome to it. You may not like my answer, but as a nurse, it's best when the kid is ready and excited about it. My son is 3 and 1/2 and I haven't even started. I need to, but he just doesn't care and doesn't have the "language" to understand yet. Try having him aim for cheerio's in the potty, also try just taking the pull ups away, no more, they are gone and let him decide what to do. Make it sound like you need him to make the decision. Reverse Psychology!! For Kaylan she was 3 before we got her taken care of, but I bought a bunch of her favorite characters on underwear ( she shopped for them, her idea, her decision) and then bought a bunch of blank white ones. So when she pee-weed on Dora or the butterflies, she got blank white ones because butterflies and Dora don't like to be pee-weed on!
I know someone who spent 3 days in the bathroom with her boys and they got a treat and game drawer and a movie in the bathroom, they could do activities and watch movies until they went and then they had free time for x amount of time 30 min to an hour and then she pumped them full of fluids the entire 3 days. I don't have patience for that. Someone else I know just let them run naked in the back yard with a little portable potty in the back yard. Monkey see, Monkey do! If he see's it he'll recognize the urge! Anyways that's what I have, but you are welcome to the book!

Karlenn said...

Well, we've spoken buttloads about this - buttloads! Get it? Buttloads! Ha-ha-ha! But anyways, my favorite thing is to do the white trash no underwear and no pants until they figure it out. Maybe I'm harsh, but that's what I'd do. You may have to clean up maybe one mess. Seriously. Kids don't like to pee on their bare legs. Those are my thoughts, but I'm not judging you about when you start him. I just get sick of wiping, basically, man-sized (and smell) poop off an arse. I seriously get angry about it. Anyways, good luck! I'm roto-rooting for you! Get it? Roto-ROOTER? Oh my gosh, I'm so funny! :)

April said...

DUDE do it at the same time!!!!! then you can make it a competition!!!! What better motivator is there? In our house...none. "I won" is on of Goobers's favorite things to say, though quite often I have to correct him :)

April said...

BTW Goober was a HUGE hardship (and still is sometimes) about potty traing. I SERIOUSLY think I should have waited a bit longer on him before I pushed it. Then it probably wouldn't have been so much of a power struggle. In fact at times it still is a power struggle, but at least now it seams to be getting better, but he still wets the bed. I'm NOT going to push that one. When he wants a dry bed all night he will put his mind to it (he will go right through a pull-up so no use spending the money on them). Oh, and as you go through this...remember. Girls REALLY are easier to potty by the time Ivy gets there maybe you will have a self potty trainer!!!! :D

PS Karl you are so Punny!!! you are worse than my MOM girl!!! :D

suzy Q. said...

I would totally give you advice if I had some, and since my kids are so grown up ;) ha ha, just kidding. But yeah, if I had advice to give, I would give it.
Can't wait to see you guys next weekend!

Amy said...

I would just do one at a time. If Troy sees Brock and wants to try too, then by all means. I can't even imagine trying to potty train K right now- she is sooo not ready.

Arin said...

I say go for it! If you need someone to cheer you on, you know where to find me! Why not kill two birds with one stone?