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Monday, May 19, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

Guess what? I'm back in my pre-pregnancy jeans as of today! I'm a little muffin-toppy, but right now that doesn't matter. It's nice to have something feel normal.

And, I needed to give a shout-out to my sister-in-law Kelly. She had her boy Jack last Tuesday. Here are some pictures of the cutie (thanks, Amy!). Congrats, Kelly and Mark! Hopefully it will be sooner than later when we get the chance to see him in person.

Also, I promise when I get the chance and am feeling in control a bit more, I'll post more pics of our Ivy. Right now I still feel a bit like her:


Arin said...

Muffin top? What muffin top? There were no signs of said muffin top when I saw you today. I think you look amazing and am very jealous that Ivy is only one week old and you already fit back into your pre-preggers jeans. NO FAIR!!!

Karlenn said...

Girl, I saw you wearing your pre-preggo jeans three days after giving birth!! Those cannot have been pregnancy jeans that I saw, could they?? Because they looked like some you wore pre-preggo.

The Staker Family said...

Oh my goodness Natalie, that is soooooooo not fair. But good for you. Mine won't button and are faaarrrr from it, I'm just happy they fit over my behind because with one of my kids (I forget which one) they only came half way up my thighs.