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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Graduate

Today Jakob graduated from preschool. To give you an idea of how it went:

My son is SOOO not a performer in front of a group. Singing in the primary program? Forget it! His class did the Pledge of Allegiance, and a thing called Zoophonics, and sang a few songs. And Jakob stood by my side the whole time. Yeah, glad I went to watch all the other hammy kids do their thing.

The funny thing is, Jakob can be a super ham at home. He's always pulling faces for the camera and being spazzy with his brothers. Here he is at the park:

And here he is as Ironman. He figures out things to wear to make him into different superheroes. So creative!

I guess I only have myself to blame. My mom told me that's exactly how I was. I would shy out when it came to performances of any kind. And maybe that's why I enjoyed piano, because it was just one on one, and performances (during which I usually choked) were only a couple of times a year. So, we'll see how T-ball goes for him.

Here he is with Miss Karla after it was all over. And there's his super smile, because it wasn't in front of everyone! *sigh* Jakob has learned so much this year, and grown a ton. Look out, kindergarten!


bammer said...

So glad he went to preschool. I love Karla---she's great!

Karlenn said...

That picture of Jake holding his hat and crying is classic!