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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nesting Gone Wrong

Dear Duckie shower curtain:

I'm so sorry I accidentally maimed you. You were a good curtain. You've been with me since college. I've loved you, and moved you, and enjoyed the privacy you gave me.

I didn't want to hurt you. Actually, I was trying to clean you, and thought I'd take the easy route and put you in my clothes washer. I didn't know you would take it so hard.

Well, so long, Duckie. It's been a wonderful friendship. I'll have to try and replace the irreplaceable.

With love, your brokenhearted former owner, Nat


MIUMIU said...

Nice to meet you, empathize with your blog.
I linked to please.

Arin said...

What a sad day. I always put my shower curtains in the wash. So far I have been lucky and none have suffered the same fate as your precious duckies.

Karlenn said...

What on earth?? Just from putting it in the washer?

April said...

lol oooooh poor duckys!

I've done that before too...
I've found that they have to be quite sturdy shower curtains to take my washing machine without injury.

April said...

that first link is to something in Japanese or chinese or something. just so you know.