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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hairy Issues

I’ve had long-ish hair since 8th or 9th grade. I went in to a hair place about a year and a half ago, and said, “Do whatever, I’m tired of my hair. But don’t give me bangs.” Yeah, the guy cut it to my shoulders, a straight cut. Wow, really branching out there, buddy.

So last July before my 10-year reunion (that I was in charge of, and I dare say I rocked at getting it all together pretty much by myself) I decided to cut my own hair. I was sick of it, and I knew if I messed it up I could always go to a place to have them fix it. But I loved it! I’ve been cutting my own hair ever since. Sometimes it’s fine, sometimes not as much, but always generally okay.

It’s a little Carol Brady, but I still loved it.

Then…my hair had been getting a little shaggy, so Wednesday morning I decided to cut the front a little bit. I did one side, then the other, and the latter ended up about an inch shorter than the first. Hmmm. I evened it out, but didn’t do anything to the back. So then it looked kind of like a mullet.

For more hair style inspiration, visit mulletsgalore. A forewarning: it's a high PG-13 site. Not picture-wise, but word-wise.

Thursday I tried to fix the back, and I got a little scissor happy. It was all sorts of uneven. I kept trying to even it up, and knew that if I kept going I wouldn’t have any hair left. So Friday I went into a place called Euphoria Hair and Nails. Christal helped me, and she did so great! I love my new hair cut! I don’t know if I’ll keep it this short, but it’s awesome for now-I don’t really have to “do” my ‘do, and it doesn’t bug me like my long hair can when it’s down. Though after my massage my hair was all greasy from their oils, and there was no way to hide that fact unless I wanted to whip out a hat. That was a new sensation for me.

Last night, because it was a little greasy, Pete said I looked like I had Emo hair. So I was trying to look like Peter Parker on “Spiderman 3”, when he has the Black Spiderman suit. If you’re not as familiar with that movie as I am, not to worry-it means you don’t have fanatics in your house.

Pete also said that one of these days he’ll come home and I’ll have a “mom” ‘do, which to me is more of the old lady ‘do. Let’s pray that day never comes. Right now, though, Pete’s beast neck hair is longer than the hair near the nape of my neck. Kind of weird (and gross).


Kristine said...

Wow you are brave to cut your own hair! I bet you save a ton of money though! Save that money for your spa days..hehe..

I love the Peter Parker look alike pictures - so funny!!

Logan said...

Thanks for the link to the mullet site. I will have to share it with some of my friends. We used to go on "hunts" - where would find the best mullet and rate it like you would a deer (2 point, 4 point, etc). I swear - I once saw a 5 point doe.

BTW - your hair is totally not Emo. But, when you start saying stuff like, "I don't know - whatever... As if I cared", painting you and Pete's fingernails in matching pink or black, and posting lyrics from Death Cab for Cutie - THEN we will discuss your hair style.

Oh - another BTW - what happens in 2134? Does that year have some hidden meaning? Do I need to start getting my food storage ready? Am I missing something else with the cake?

Amy said...

What a cute new haircut! Erin and I are both do for a trim. I think I might go a little shorter though. My hair grows like a weed. And Miss K- well, maybe she'll get her first haircut by the time she is three. I hope your little girl has some hair!

Nat said...

Logan-That was my 28th birthday cake. We didn't have enough normal candles, but if you add 1+3+4=8, then you have a 2 and an 8 for "28". Clever, right?

Karlenn said...

I haven't seen Spider Man 3 yet! Can you believe it? Peter Parker's hair is dorky-looking. Your hair turned out really nice. I have never seen it this short!! Weird that my hair is longer than yours. Who'd have thought?