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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

North Carolina, Come On and Raise Up!

One of the reasons we went to see Pete's family this weekend, besides the fact we haven't seen them since Thanksgiving, was because my sister-in-law Suzy just got back from her LDS mission in North Carolina. Besides the picture trauma that I posted about (which really, we've been through much, much worse), we had tons of fun. On the way down we ate at Benihana with my brother-in-law Richard. Benihana, I will love you forever. You make me, pregnant or not, very happy. Suzy spoke in church on Sunday, and her talk was wonderful. Well, what I heard of it-we were doing the kid thing like always, meaning this one needs a drink, that one needs a diaper change, this one wants fruit snacks, that one has sticky chocolate hands from a granola bar, etc.

Saturday Grandma and Grandpa P had an Easter egg hunt in their backyard. The kids had a blast.

Kelly and I had a chance to take a "kissing cousins" photo, as did our husbands Mark and Pete.

We even found time to exercise! It was a fabulous weekend out of the snow.


Kristine said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! And you look GREAT!

Karlenn said...

I love the "kissing cousins" pictures! I can't believe you're outside, wearing short sleeves! I pray the heat hits us soon!!

suzy Q. said...

Oh goodness...that was a fun weekend. This family picture turned out better then the last professional one we had when Ethan was like 18 months or something. That one wasn't too fun. I just don't think I like photography places too much.

Beej said...

Awesome kissing cousins pic! So funny. Maybe someday I will get to do that, too. I guess not with you, though...cuz your done...sad.