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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

May You Rest in Peace, Pete

No, the kidney stones didn't do him in. Yes, they're kicking his butt pain-wise. But life goes on, this stone too shall pass, and today Pete turned the BIG 3-0. We had yummy Olive Garden for lunch, then my family came over for cake and ice cream after dinner. Pete got a suit and Electronic Catch Phrase. I worked my fabulous artistic skills and decorated his cake. It's supposed to be a skull and crossbones, FYI.

I decided to use 30 individual candles for a more dramatic effect.

Think the picture of Kar and her family is my camera being blurry? Oh no, my friends. It's the haze from the blown-out candles.


Anonymous said...

See please here

suzy Q. said...

Nat, you are an amazing cake decorator! I loved the cake! How's he doing?

Kristine said...

Happy Day Pete! The BIG 30 huh!?! :)

Karlenn said...

Hey!! You got blog-spammed! Take it from me - do NOT click on this galmaran person. You may get a nasty virus. I thought word verification would keep spammers away, but maybe not... P.S. We had fun last night. I felt crummy, so I'm sorry if I wasn't my normal, jovial self. :)

Arin said...

Ha, Pete is SOOOOOO old! Glad he didn't get done in by his "dragon". You definitely have "skills" when it comes to cakde decorating.

Isaac said...

Hello Pete and Nat,
Sorry to hear about the Kidney Stones. That cannot be fun. My dad had to pass a couple while in the Ukraine. Lots of pain!!! Good luck with those and I hope you feel better soon.
Happy 30th! Welcome to my life. I have been there for 5 months. I am starting to bald and get a little bigger. I am sure you will have loads of fun this year. I know I am. Yippee!
Nat, I would respond more to your blog but I have been unbelievably busy with work and considering my circumstances this is a good thing. Makes the time fly by; literally!
You all take care and be safe.
Later, Isaac

Beej said...

Happy birthday, Pete!! I'm sorry that I couldn't make it. I hope that you had a good birthday in spite of kidney stones. I can't believe that you are 30! That means that I'm getting old, too! It seems like just a year ago that you and Nat were going to school and came up to go to my prom. I just can't even believe it. I guess that we all have to get old sometime...but we don't have to grow up...not really anyways.