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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Frog and Toad

This last Wednesday my awesome mom, the Bammer, took me, Jakob, Karlenn, and Dylan to a play called "Frog and Toad". She got us the book for Christmas, which is a collection of short stories about these two amphibian friends, so I ended up reading them to Jakob and Brock a couple of times through in the months before we went to the play. As we watched the play, Jakob would tell me what was going to happen next because he remembered from the book. It was really cute, and the perfect length for a children's play. The adults all loved a character named Snail the most. But Jakob told me his favorite part was the Terrible Frog; one of the stories tells of this huge frog that was going to eat Frog when he was a boy, but then he escaped. You'd have to read the story. Thanks, Mom, for taking us out on the town!


Beej said...

Yay for fun activities for cousins! I'm glad that Jake liked this show. He makes me laugh. He is so intense.

And yay for mom for taking you guys out. It sounds like fun and an enjoyable thing to do together.

Karlenn said...

I love that Jake is shooting webs in that picture with Mom. I just read the post about how he shoots webs when he's trying to defend himself, and I remember he totally didn't want to be in that picture. Sooo funny.