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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cabin Fever

Because it's been 20 degrees below zero outside, we've been cooped up for the last couple of weeks. My road looks like a skating rink, we're out of coloring pages, and I don't know how many times "Winnie the Pooh" has been playing in our DVD player. The boys have reverted to primeval ways: Crayons were found (I can never seem to find them when it's time to put them away), and cave drawings were made on all sorts of surfaces in my house-the walls, the chairs, and yes, the bottom of some box springs currently residing in our living room. According to our artist, it's a picture of a snowman. I've GOT to battle the elements and get to the store for some coloring books!


April said...

Hey hey! GRATS on the PRINCESS!!! My mom told me this morning! I was going to call but my kids distracted me... you know how it goes!

April said...

BTW the Magic Erasers work wonders on munchkin artwork on the walls... but you probably know this already oh wonderful mom that you are!

PS do NOT use on children! I know I know... I just saw a blog where some lady did that *sigh*

Karlenn said...

Yay!! Welcome to the blogging world!! I'm so excited that I have another blog to spy on.