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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Photo a Day: Color

My kids LOVE to color and draw. Like, every day, all day long. I love that they love to color.

This little gem is what Brock brought home yesterday from school. I think he was a little embarrassed, but I think it's really funny. It says "I had a bad day when I got hit by a train. I went to the hospital. I am tired of watching TV but I am better."

I asked him about it. I was all, "Were you supposed to write something that was real?" And he said, "We could write anything, so I made up a story."

The train says "Choo-choo! I can't stop!". The little guy (Brock) says "Ah!" The brown squiggly is the train track. The different colored squares are the train cars. And then there's a dude roasting a marshmallow by a purple tent. You know, because people are always camping out by train tracks, right?

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Kar said...

Hahahaha! I loooove that picture Brock brought home! What a babe! Choo-choo! I can't stop! Hahaha!